Sunday, May 03, 2009

First, I want to thank ALL of these people for the TNDP Summit

First, to Rep. Mike Turner, who I am now convinced can heal the leper and the lame, for bringing everyone to the table and ensuring that this would be a success. Then, to TNDP Chair Chip Forrester for never giving up, always kept on keepin' on, and he has the TNDP pointed in the right direction.

Then, to Vionne Williams, Lee Levine, Jennifer Buck Wallace, Kathy Chambers, Ben Crumpler, and others whose names I unfortunately missed, thank you very much for the hundreds upon hundreds of hours you gave to make this the success it was. We all appreciate what you accomplished here. Big props as well to our dear pal Mr. Ross, who served as our sound crew for the weekend.

To the elected officials, like Reps. Jeanne Richardson, Joanne Favors, Mike Stewart, George Fraley, Ty Cobb, and the hit of the Rural Forum for me, Charles Curtiss. Sir, I am GLAD you are a Democrat, as I am all of you. Also to Sens. Jim Kyle and Roy Herron.

To the tireless staff of The Smoke House Conference Center, many thanks, especially the young woman who secured a golf cart for us last night so sound equipment could be transported.

To the Pride of Midtown his ownself, David Upton, who rented a cabin there and threw a kick-ass party. To Rick and Jackson, who took the Donner Party Route (tm JB) to Monteagle but made it for Upton's event and this morning's forum.

To Gale, Sidney, John, Lea Ester, Pat, thanks for representing Memphis!

And, last but not least, the wonderful people I finally got to meet, like Mary Mancini of Liberadio, Landree Brotherton of Hamblen County, Cheri from TN4th, Janet Meek of East Tennessee, who is doing great work up there, Ethan and Tony from SEIU (who were sponsors, and are doing really powerful work on healthcare at ChangeToWork, my new old friend JW Hampton, and to those whose names I forgot, I apologize.

I would still be posting for two days to talk about how this all went, but I am closing for now.

Just, thank you, you made this memorable.

UPDATE: Hell, I forgot BOB MOSER, Texas Observer editor and author of Blue Dixie, which I bought. Sir, you rock!

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