Monday, May 11, 2009

Is any comment really necessary?

I swear, if he didn't look just like his daddy I would think he was adopted. How could this schmuck be the son of Harold Ford?


captainkona said...


And you know what's really sad, Steve?
There will be those in the TN blogosphere, who call themselves "Liberals", that will still back this sorry excuse for a Democrat.

What's it take to get through to some "Tennessee Democrats", man?
Eight years of Bush and the Blue Dog/Conservative capitulation that enabled him and they still back the likes of Ford, Clinton, Cooper etc.

It'd be easier to reason with an onion.

Great find on the vid. Matthews really reamed that goof good.
I'll pass it along.

autoegocrat said...

If truth was shit, Junior wouldn't have an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Those who believe that torture is acceptable, should be required to actually experience it first hand...and I don't mean as an observer.