Thursday, December 03, 2009

No, I don't know what the hell happened

But we're back now.


callmeishmael said...

Glad you "PCQ" found the computer Carpathia in time to save us from even minutes without LWC's "rhetorical bombast" (as Orrin Hatch once lovingly said to Edward Kennedy in a Senate debate).

Steve Steffens said...

Hey, I've already been getting yelled at for not blogging more!

callmeishmael said...

Ah tell ya, those damn Yankee types who have naw idea about the riiites and good th-an-gs that come from LWC and his Bl-awg! Ya'd think we'unss miiiite wiat a bit 'fore we l-auuu-n-ch inta ya fo' tryin' ta' have a l-ah-fe!

MemphisPI said...

Phew! The blog this afternoon was that you had pulled the plug. Thought you had defected to Twitter.

I may need to untweet you. I am constantly deholstering my cell for incoming chirps. It's making me a nervous wreck that I may miss something. You must be following a zillion people based on your retweets, me I am only good at following one person at a time haha.

captainkona said...

"Hey, I've already been getting yelled at for not blogging more!"

Heh, :P
So? We needs our cracker. You're like good dope, gotta have more.

Last year I was offered money to stop blogging.
Does that mean I'm that bad, or that good?
Glad you're still on. You are the voice of Memphis.
I'm coming there before too long. I wanna smoke a doob on the roof of the FedEx. Looks soooo cool from Google Earth.

You pick the waterin' hole. ;)