Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know

I haven't written anything lately. It's the freakin' HOLIDAYS, folks, you should go read our beloved Newscoma or River City Mud, they are en fuego these days.

We've got New Year's coming up and of course, the holiest of days, January 5. Why so, you ask? that is my birthday (1959) and that of the Lovely Lauren (19??). I will post periodically, but we are in a holiday mood right now.

Oh, and how about those BEARS last night, eh? BWAHAHAHA.



callmeishmael said...

If you're 51 and Lauren is 7 years younger, she must be 44. After all these years, math may be a new skill.

celticlauren said...

But chivalry is not.

callmeishmael said...

No, indeed. Wish it were more universally or even sporadically in evidence among postmodern "liberals" who shout proclamations of equality, tolerance and decency, but practice it rarely and selectively, if at all. As a bumper sticker I have puts it, "Orwellian Tolerance: Open to Anything but Disagreement." These same "postmodern, interdependent liberals" issue calls for justice, but without any sense of implementing it beyond the preestablished, preordained, controlling hegemony of those who do not wish to live in relationship, but reign in control. These same hegemonic power lords and ladies decry decency and courtesy, but seek it when it suits them to use it. They will issue dictums of--well--discourtesy even as they defame reputations, livelihoods and, in some cases, even lives themselves. They, in short, desire control and authority over anyone they can bring under their sway. They are, in short, the ultimate nihilists, utterly devoid of moral principle. Perhaps, as a means of countering these "liberals" might be a re-reading of _King Lear_ and an examination of Goneril, Regan and Edmund might be worth while. Perhaps _King Henry IV, Part I_ and the tension between Prince Hal, Sir John Falstaff, Mistress Quickly, Harry Percy and Kate Percy would work as well. Or maybe even Cormac McCarthy's _No Country for Old Men_ as Sherriff Ed Tom Bell expresses the consequences of "postmodern liberalism" through his words that when people stop saying "sir" and "ma'am," something has gone terribly wrong. Chivalry, indeed, is a virtue. To insist that it be practiced means, logically, not to castigate those who practice it. as "outdated," "old-fashioned" and "reactionary."