Friday, January 22, 2010

Aunt B is on fire!!!

First, under her real name, she eviscerates the TNDP for using time and money that could have been spent promoting real candidates on a goofy attack on Sarah Palin that does little but promote the very people we need to ignore.

Then she backs that up with a post at Tiny Cat Pants that reinforces her point, and advises the TNDP what they need to do to make this sort of thing work, so they can do what they are supposed to, like, I don't know, HELP DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES?

In unrelated news, Daily Kos shows you just what our Congresscritters need to get healthcare reform passed, you'll appreciate it!


captainkona said...

The TNDP have their heads so far up their asses they're getting stomach acid in their eyes.

All we get is Chip Forrester said this and Chip Forrester said that.
Forrester says a lot of things and seemingly does nothing.
The money is being poorly spent, the have not taken a stand on health reform, they do not address any major issues.

The TNDP is making the same mistakes the national end of the party has. They have a base and they ignore it in the interests of not pissing off voters they won't get anyway.

Praising HFJ was the last straw for me. The TNDP is a joke and it's us little folk who will suffer for their incompetence.

Aunt B said...

It proves the universe has a sense of humor that I've come around to thinking that Harrison/Heatseeker/etc. had a point.

It's completely ruined my afternoon to be on the same side as him/them.