Friday, January 29, 2010

I couldn't have said it any better

Charlie Brooker of NewsWipe shows you HOW TO REPORT THE NEWS!


callmeishmael said...

You wonder why I'm so disgusted with what passes for political, intellectual and moral conversation? My dissertation novel has a sequence that places this sort of simplified "play-acting" (metaphor of theatre there)banality as well. Sort of a pre-radio and television precursor to what newswipe skewers.

Vvixen said...

As a former TV news producer, I find this to be hilarious! Most people don't understand what a challenge it is to present a news story in a visually interesting way...especially when your visuals aren't very interesting. That's when you resort to graphics and "video abstractions." But NewsWipe actually made this phony news story look much, much better than what you usually seen on local television. So funny! Thanks for posting this!