Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hoots Report

Well, ladies and gents, after much cajoling, nagging, and requesting, your humble Cracker went north yesterday to that mystical land that our beloved Newscoma and Squirrel Queen refer to as Hoots, better known to thee and me as Weakley County.

After arriving in Dresden, SQ gave me the tour of the county seat, Dresden, where I searched for and never saw the Confederate memorial on the courthouse square.  Next, we went by the home of Tennessee's best Governor in my 38 years here, Ned McWherter, the last Democratic Governor this state has produced. (Phil?  Who's Phil?  That Republican Bredesen?  Don't EVEN go there.)

Next, we headed westward to Martin, where 'Coma, Mr. Ross and his beloved, and our friend Samantha of NashVegas were roaming around.  After a brief discussion and a short run to my resting place for the night, we gathered in Downtown Martin and met at, well, a dive, beer joint and pool hall rolled into one, Cadillacs.

After plotting and scheming as bloggers will do, discussing our wonderful collaboration STP, we ate cheeseburgers and had beer.  Then, we moved to our next location, a wonderful place that I may never get to see again.

It's called the Stable, on Lindell Street in Martin, a place so friendly that even the Secretary of Steak (known to thee and me as 'Coma's dog Mabel) has been known to occasionally visit.  The group I met there included the best cartoonist you've never heard of, Badger Beth, and, to my delight, the legendary Mr. Jimmy.

Spry, and sharp as a tack, we discussed all sorts of things, from Memphis when he lived there as compared to now, and Wal-Mart, for which we both share a deep disdain.  It was an amazing and delightful conversation that I was better for having been a part of it.

Mr. Jimmy then left, and the famous Dirk Diggler arrived, and we were introduced (Ross and his beloved had split to get ready for date night, it was his BIRTHDAY you know), so I got to meet many of the wonderful, REAL people whom our beloved Newscoma had written about for years.  He was quite nice, and I enjoyed the Stable.

I broke away to head back to the resting place for an hour before joining my comrades at the Opera House in Martin, which from the inside looks like it should be in downtown Memphis and not in a quiet college town.  It seemed like the whole town was there having dinner, nay, all of the County, as Coma and SQ held court, and seemed to know everyone there.  We even struck up conversations with two people we didn't know, who introduced me to their wonderful Dirty Martinis, of which I would have two.  We then ate well, as can be seen here:

For a bigger view, go here.

After two hours or so of drinking, eating and talking, we left and went to a club (no, not THAT kind of club) further up, where we were rejoined by Ross & beloved and we hung out until this old guy waved the flag of surrender and came back to the resting place for the night.

After a breakfast fit for a king at the Hearth (two words, people: STRAWBERRY BUTTER) I headed north to Fulton, KY and then south to Memphis.

In short, it is a wonderful place filled with delightful, interesting people, and provided me with a relaxing weekend with good friends, good food, and good beer.  I have an understanding now of why 'Coma is SO passionate about the place, there is a lot to like.

Fear not, dear readers, the Cracker ain't goin' anywhere, he has too many Memphians to annoy, which will come either later tonight or tomorrow in the form of Cracker's Picks to Click in the County Democratic Primary.  Later!


Wintermute said...

If Badger Beth is Beth Cravens, I've not only heard of her, I've corresponded with her.

So now Ross has a new "beloved"? I still remember him warning me off the previous love of his life. Ah youth.

Meanwhile, at least one of the fembloggers you wrote about will not even politely respond to me, which is just plain rude and fucked up.

Looking forward to your endorsements. Call me if you want to talk about why I should go along with you.

MemphisPI said...

Wow Cadillac's that brings back memories. I wonder if Hillery's Underworld still exists. And what of the T Room.

Newscoma said...

Wintermute, that is indeed Beth Cravens.

MemphisPl, Hillary's is no longer around unfortunately. And the T-Room, which has the best malted milkshakes ever, is know an Italian Restaurant.

LWC, thanks so much for coming up and visiting. I will see you soon.

Tom Guleff said...

Is this what you bloggers do all day and all night? Eat and drink beer! Stop it ! Get back to saving the world. You people kill me. Slackers....

Whites Creek said...

No, no, no...You don't understand Mr. Guleff. Bloggers must save the world. We can't help it that our super powers involve large appetites...And mugs.

lovable liberal said...

Sounds like a good time.

squirrelqueen said...

LWC, it was indeed a grand time. Glad to have been your Hoots tour guide for part of your visit.
Come back again soon.