Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, I voted the other day

I voted on Thursday, and in addition to the recommendations I gave you at the start of Early Voting, I had to make decisions on some races.

I decided to vote for LaKeith Miller for County Clerk, and it turns out that he got the highest rating from Coalition for a Better Memphis.  Corey Maclin is a nice guy, but being a wrestling promoter is not what I call a good background for elective office; as any wrestling fan truly understands, part of what makes it work well is occasionally frustrating your audience.  Not so good for a public servant.

I voted for Carmichael Johnson in the Circuit Court Clerk's race, and I have to confess I did so because he's Cheyenne's husband.  I know, that's not a reason to vote for anyone, but you know what, I didn't have any other reason to do so.

Folks, even with the reduced numbers of voters in the county now, we have only had TWO FREAKING PERCENT of the voters to vote in this primary since early vote started.  I have gotten nothing from any of the candidates (except those I already supported) since this started.  WTH? And I am a political junkie, what about those who are unaware and uninformed?  you have to ASK for votes, candidates, not just expect them.

Too many of the people running in our primary are hoping to sneak in and steal the nominations and then let the Party carry them to victory in August.  The hell with that noise, you need to go out into all the communities, SEND MAILERS, and make phone calls.  Show us you can run a real countywide campaign.

Rant over, it's Monday.


captainkona said...

"The hell with that noise, you need to go out into all the communities"

Thanx for mentioning this, man. I was beginning to think it was just me.
I continue to harp about the TNDP and the basically zero effort I'm seeing from them and potential candidates.

There is obviously no passion in the party hierarchy thus far. I was hoping there was something I wasn't seeing but you've confirmed it.

God, I hate quitters.

Looks like the TN bloggers are the only ones who haven't given up on this election cycle.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that LaKeith person.

If it weren't for the small handful of people I am truly motivated to go vote for, I'd skip this election for the reasons you gave. And I just don't skip elections.

Tom Guleff said...

Steve, Admit it. You have a problem. You are a political junkie. There's no cure. Just live with it.

Tom Guleff said...

What's really bad is someone reading your blog and commenting about you being a political junkie. I think I have a problem.

I'll pick you up on the way to Lakeside. See you in a few minutes.