Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Help The House Of Mews

The House of Mews is one of the great unsung places of Memphis, especially if you love cats, as I have come to do over the last few years.  They NEVER euthanize, and keep cats until they are adopted.  Whenever Lauren and I would visit Cooper-Young, we went by there and went in if they were open.

Of course, the cats, knowing a kitty person when they saw one, would flock to her, and it would take all her strength NOT to take one, two, or all of them home.

That's why it hurts to see that they are in deep financial straits, as many of us are.  The founder is even trying to sell her house to keep it going, but it may not last.  They need our help, either with adoption or donation, and so I am asking you to help.

If you can kick in a few bucks, great, if you can adopt one of their kitties, even better, but they need our help.  If you knew Lauren, and remember her love of cats, do it for her, but do it for those wonderful cats who are so well taken care of at The House of Mews.

You'll feel better for having done so.


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Michael said...

Already supporting 3+ outdoor strays, and 2 indoor ones, so we don't have room for any more cats here. But as soon as I saw the earlier message you sent out I made a donation online.

Folks who haven't seen the cats at House of Mews, you really ought to pay a visit. It's an incredible place, and the cats are as sociable as can be. Well-fed, too. And there's this cat ramp running all over the place you won't believe.