Saturday, June 26, 2010

The heat got me today

I don't even have any pictures of the annual Chism picnic, because it was too damned hot and humid.  If I hadn't gone to the tent shared by Minerva Johnican and Judge Rhynette Northcross Hurd, I might have passed out.  I didn't even work the crowd like normal.

About that crowd: with TWO other events scheduled at the same time (Randy Wade's luau and Shep Wilbun's HQ opening), the crowd, at least until 2:30 was way down this year, and most of the people there were campaign workers.  One other thing: the GOP candidates worked this as hard as the Democrats, which shows they are somewhat desperate.  The woods of Southwest Memphis are not filled with Republican voters, last I checked.

Yet, there were Sheriff Mark Luttrell, Circuit Court Clerk Jimmy Moore and Juvenile Court Clerk candidate Joy Touliatos working the crowd, and Criminal Court Clerk candidate Kevin Key showed up before I left.

Now, our stalwarts were there, for the most part.  Mayor Joe Ford, Trustee Regina Morrison Newman, Shep Wilbun spoke there before going to his HQ event, Circuit Court Clerk candidate Ricky Dixon was there, along with the once and future Criminal Court Clerk, Minerva Johnican, whose washcloth saved me.

I left before Doc Herenton spoke, which is sad, because I wanted to show him my Cohen t-shirt and ask him where my Herenton t-shirt was that he promised me last year!  Heh.

Ok, so I gave out at 2:30 and went home to lay down, take a nap and awaken just in time to see the USA lose to Ghana, ending their World Cup run.

Back to the nap, more later about why the Democratic candidate for Governor, who was there last year but NOT this year, should have been there, and why he needs to get his butt to Memphis and pronto.



Babbling Boomer said...

Sorry to hear the heat got you buddy but you have lived here long enough to do the smart thing rather than get heat stroke. Hope you're up and feeling better by morning.

Anonymous said...

The heat may have gotten you, but it was RACISM is getting Sidney. Glad his racism didn't kill you, Stevie.

I slept in, awakened by two bullshit collector calls trying an old number, and then at 2 pm by my pal on the Cyndi Lauper tour, calling from a fancy new hotel room in Boston, telling me everything I helped him with was working out.

Seems the Republicans are out-Energizing the Dems. It's that kind of year.