Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm taking some time off

As you know, every now and then I have to step away from LWC.  I am ok, I just need a short break and I need to start putting some time in at Speak To Power to take some of the load off Ross and Trace, who have been playing Hercules for too long.

I have some thoughts running through my head, I just need time to organize them.

OK Then, remember that we are only a week away from the Chism Picnic, I'll move that up to the top later.  Saturday, we have some events, like Steve Cohen's Whitehaven HQ opening, and like Lexie Carter's event at 3 PM to raise money for the Coordinated Campaign for SCDP, shown below.

Oh, and before I go, Lexie is my hero of the week.  Why?  Go check out how she asked our former Mayor why she should vote, as a Democrat, for someone who supports Republicans.  Bravo, girl!

Now, I have some family business to attend to, I'll be back in a few days.  Go see Lexie today!

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