Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey Mike, Why Don't You Come And See Us Down Here?

I am supporting Mike McWherter, because he's a Democrat, even if not as lefty as I'd like.  Also, because the GOP choices are 1) a rich guy who's had everything handed to him, ran one company into the ground and ran another because his daddy owned it, then parlayed that into the Mayorship of Knoxville, 2) a Congressman who had drug problems in the 80s and then became mr. C Street once he got to DC, and 3) our Lt, Governor, who is an auctioneer (in more ways than one, if you follow how he does things for the coal industry).

By the way, before you point out that Mike is the son of this state's legendary Governor, I will point out to you that Mike built and paid for his businesses himself.  Yes, that's right, HIMSELF.  I don't know why the hell he doesn't point it out, because he is a self-made man, far more than the Pilot Oil Guy.

Yes, Mike will carry Shelby County in the fall, but if he is going to win it by the amount he needs to win the state, he needs to come and see us.  Looking back, he was lucky in that the Chism Picnic was not as big as in previous years, but he still needs to come and see us.

Due to a screw-up in his campaign office, he had to miss an event with the Germantown Democrats at the last minute.  They will support him, of course,  but it would be nice for him to show up.  I also think it would be nice if he came down and had someone show him around beautiful downtown Whitehaven.

You see, those of us who are activists have gotten to know him and like him, and have no problem getting behind him. I can see the logic in him waiting until after the TN-09 Congressional race is over, but the average Democratic voter needs to meet him and get excited about him, because turnout will be EVERYTHING in November.

Frankly, this is the only race that will drive turnout here in November, so he needs to get the faithful revved up, because the margin in Shelby County will make the difference as to whether he will be Governor McWherter or just the nice fella who runs a bank and a beer distributorship.

Mike, come and see us, I think you'll like us, and, given half the chance, we'll like you too.


callmeishmael said...

Needs to have an almost Jr. like leads from Shelby and Davidson to win, I think. Offset the unprincipled, ill-mannered, morally vacuous Republicans in my boyhood county.

autoegocrat said...

I notice you have a McWherter sign up in your yard. That's pretty much the only one I've seen.

Steve Steffens said...

I got it from Matt Maxey this past Saturday, there's not many of them here - yet!