Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Guess Tomeka Hart Believes Her Own Press Clippings

Because she has decided to take on the fool's errand of challenging Steve Cohen in the 9th District primary in 2012.

Really?  While I fully expect that North Memphis, Raleigh and Frayser will be added to the 9th District for the next decade, I have seen nothing to indicate anywhere that there is a groundswell to replace our current Congressman.

Does she have enough money to challenge Steve, who will have a serious warchest ready to go for any primary run?  Does she understand that the very same people who stood by her as she pushed for the MCS-SCS merger are very likely to also be some of Steve's biggest supporters?  On what issues does she feel Steve Cohen is deficient?

I want to believe that she is not going to run the same idiotic race-based campaign that sunk Nikki Tinker and Dr. Herenton; I want to believe she is above that, because, until this point, I have had no reason to believe otherwise.

Tomeka, you DO have a future in politics in this city and county; why hurt it by challenging Cohen?  Think about this before you go through with it, because it's YOUR career and no one else's career that will be hurt if you do this.


sbanbury said...
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sbanbury said...

Ok, since I really like Tomeka, I surfed around every tidbit I could, and I can find no rationale expressed as to why we should divide our camp and expend resources against our own friends. More could be done to "see the proper education and workforce development policies get put in place" by running for City Council and Tomeka undoubtedly has the wherewithal to take one of the Super District seats. I'm at a loss here.

Babbling Boomer said...

Call me cynical if you will, but it just confirms my thinking that those pushing for the merger had their eye as much on making political hay as any concern they had for the students or teachers. Mark my words, one or another of them will at least consider making a run for city or county mayor. Although I will give Tomeka a thumbs up and salute for representing faithfully those who voted for her.