Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So far, a fun trip to Nashville

Well, other than locking my keys in my car, that is (thank you, AAA!).
Afterwards, I went to the Gold Rush to meet with some of the folks I knew from Twitter but had yet to meet, such as JR Lind of the Nashville Post and his wife, among others.  After a beer and a good dinner, we were delighted and surprised when Mike McWherter came by with some folks, and we got to talk for a while.

I really wish Tennesseans had gotten to see the Mike McWherter I got to know tonight, personable, fun, well-spoken and relaxed.  He would certainly have been a dramatic improvement over Dana Carvey's stunt double.  I really enjoyed our conversation, and hope to have more. If you want to read more from Mike, come to Out of the Blue.

In the morning, I am hitting the Legislative Plaza to see our folks up there, then home to the Bluff City.
See you tomorrow.

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