Thursday, November 17, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: State Senator Eric Stewart Announces Run for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th District

Eric Stewart Announces Run for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th District
Will put small business and political experience to work creating jobs and balancing budgets
Winchester, TN – State Senator Eric Stewart announced today that he will run to represent Tennessee’s 4th district in the U.S. House of Representatives, pledging to put partisanship aside so we can protect our nation’s commitment to seniors, create jobs to revive our economy and reduce our massive deficit.

“Congress is broken and all we see is fighting, political posturing and gridlock from the folks we sent there to work on our behalf and solve the serious problems we face,” said Eric Stewart. “People are struggling.  Unemployment remains too high, and our economy is sluggish at best. Illegal drug problems continue to increase and many small businesses are hanging on by a thread, if at all.  All the while, Congress is only focused on slinging mud and pointing fingers instead of taking action to create jobs and reduce our debt.  I’m running for Congress to bring common sense back to Washington and put the needs of the people ahead of special interests, rigid ideology and petty partisanship.”

Born and raised in Franklin County, Stewart has owned a small business, ran his family’s business and served as s county commissioner and state Senator. In 2002 Stewart defeated a 12-year incumbent to win a seat on the Franklin County Commission and won a hotly contested seat for the State Senate in 2008.  That year, Stewart defeated a well-financed Republican in the General Election despite large Democratic losses in the district.

As a county commissioner, Eric Stewart pushed for budget cuts within county departments, pay cuts for county commissioners, and he supported tax relief for senior citizens.  In the State Senate, Stewart championed tax relief for small businesses that put Tennesseans back to work as well as breaks for military families.  He has supported measures to reduce and eventually eliminate the sales taxes on food.  Focused on cutting government waste, Stewart has only voted for balanced budgets.  Stewart is also a staunch supporter of public education in Tennessee.  He has worked diligently to improve the public education system in Tennessee and fought for the rights of teachers, students and parents. 

“I come from a family of small business owners, educators and people who give back,” Stewart said.  “We need representatives in Washington who understand that the people of this district are struggling, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and find common ground to solve the problems our families, children and small businesses face.  My focus has always been on helping people, creating jobs and improving public education in a common sense, fiscally responsible way.  You can’t reach these goals when folks in Washington care more about toeing the party line and keeping their job than they do about helping folks back home.  I look forward to listening to the hopes and dreams of the voters in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district, and taking their voice to Washington.”
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"Illegal drug problems continue to increase...."


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