Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Might THIS be what Kroger plans for their new stores?

My pal Mike Brester took this picture today of a billboard at Shelby Drive and Getwell Road.  The board on the left is for Fry's Food Stores, a grocery store chain primarily in the Southwest, particularly in Arizona, but NOT YET FOUND in the Memphis area.

After looking them up, it appears that they are owned by the Kroger Company, who just bought out the Memphis stores of Schnucks.  I don't know much about Fry's; however, the question has arisen as to whether some of the Schnucks-turned-Kroger stores might wind up as Fry's.

That would certainly make sense for the old Schnucks/New Kroger on Truse Parkway, around the corner from Kroger's recently renovated Mendenhall store and down the street from the "Baby Kroger" on Perkins at Poplar.  At the every least, it would be a new brand of store in the market, and would hopefully increase the choices for Memphis grocery shoppers.

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Shaun Fossett said...

Makes perfect sense. You can't go two blocks in Memphis without passing by 3 churches and a Kroger. Using the Kroger-owned Fry's name will give the impression of some sort of variety.