Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Here's an idea: Draft Jim Kyle for District AG

There are, at this point, only three people in Shelby County who have the name recognition, legal background and ability to raise money to beat Amy Weirich in the District Attorney General's race.

AC Wharton is staying Mayor of Memphis, and Steve Cohen is quite happy being our Congressman.  That leaves Senator Jim Kyle, who in all probability will lose his Senate District in redistricting, and he should consider it.

Carol Chumney and Glenn Wright have been considering the race for some time now, but to start now would put either of them at a financial disadvantage that would be almost impossible to overcome.  (Full disclosure: I have been talking to Carol about a race for a few months now.)

However, given that the Governor and the state GOP have made this race a priority, we as Democrats have but one Shelby Countian to turn to at this time, and that's Jim Kyle.

He is well-known and well liked in this county, and has a deep track record of public service. Jim Kyle would make a great Attorney General, and I urge him to run.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I wish *I* had thought of it.