Friday, June 06, 2014

Presenting the Judicial Endorsees of the SCDP

We voted on EACH race as an Executive Committee after our specially appointed committee vetted the candidates, with help from our Primary Board with regards to their voting records. NOTE: all they saw was what party's PRIMARY the candidates had voted in, not for WHOM they had voted.\

As our Chair, Bryan Carson, noted, we are here to elect Democrats to office, and these are Democrats who just happen to be seeking the non-partisan position of Judge.  So, with that in mind, here are our 2014 Endorsees:

Circuit 1 - Felicia Corbin Johnson 
Circuit 2 - Kevin Reed
Circuit 3 - D'Army Bailey
Circuit 4 - Gina Carol Higgins (Incumbent)
Circuit 5 - Rhynette Northcross Hurd
Circuit 6 - Jerry Stokes (unopposed) (Incumbent)
Circuit 7 - none (Donna Fields unopposed)
Circuit 8 - Cedrick Wooten 
Circuit 9 - Butch Childers (Incumbent)

Chancery 1 - Walter Evans (Incumbent)
Chancery 2 - Jim Kyle
Chancery 3 - Kenny Armstrong (Incumbent)

Criminal 1 - Paula Skahan (Incumbent)
Criminal 2 - Glenn Wright (unopposed) (Incumbent)
Criminal 3 - Latonya Sue Burrow
Criminal 4 - Carolyn Wade Blackett (unopposed) (Incumbent)
Criminal 5 - Mozella T. Ross
Criminal 6 - Alicia Howard 
Criminal 7 - Lee Coffee (Incumbent)
Criminal 8 - none (Chris Craft unopposed)
Criminal 9 - Christine Cane 
Criminal 10 - James Beasley (unopposed) (Incumbent)

Probate 1 - Richard Parks 
Probate 2 - Danny W. Kail

GS 1, Civil - Sheila Bruce-Renfroe
GS 2, Civil - Myra May-Hamilton
GS 3, Civil - David Pool
GS 4, Civil - none (Deborah Means-Henderson, unopposed)
GS 5, Civil - Betty Thomas Moore (Incumbent)
GS 6, Civil - Lonnie Thompson (Incumbent)
GS 7, Criminal - James Jones, Jr.
GS 8, Criminal - Tim Dwyer (Incumbent)
GS 9, Criminal - Gerald Skahan
GS 10, Criminal - Cathy Anderson-Kent
GS 11, Criminal - Mischelle Alexander-Best
GS 12, Criminal - Gwen Rooks (Incumbent)
GS 13, Criminal - Louis Montesi (unopposed) (Incumbent)
GS 14, Criminal - Kim Gilmore-Sims
GS 15, Criminal - Loyce Lambert-Ryan (unopposed) (Incumbent)

Juvenile Court Judge - Tarik Sugarmon

If your primary votes fell in the R category, you likely were not going to get our nod (ask Mark Ward, for whom I was the ONLY EC member to vote). UPDATE: Barbara Williams has advised she voted for Mark as well, I was up front and did not turn around, so I had missed that. 

The issue of the night was CHANGE, which led to surprises like David Pool over incumbent John Donald and Danny Kail over Karen Webster.  For more reasons than one, Juvenile Court Judge candidate Tarik Sugarmon got the biggest applause of the night, also because it was the LAST vote of the night, which he recognized, to his credit.  Not, however, that his selection should have been any surprise, I was applauding, too.

So, you may ask, what's your take on this?  That the process worked as it was supposed to work.  Do I agree with every vote?  Well, perhaps not.  However, as I am on the Coordinated Campaign Committee tasked with helping elect not only our County NOMINEES but these judicial endorsees as well, any differences I have will remain private.

What about the Mark Ward sign in our yard?  Um, you ask my wife about that; I know better than to argue with her on this subject.   Besides, SHE'S not on the committee, I am!


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