Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Who runs the Shelby County Democratic Party?

 "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but mockery is the sincerest form of mockery."-Tony Kornheiser

  Jay Bailey and others were angry over the party deciding to endorse some candidates that they did not like, re: Lee Coffee, going by my reading of the list of people that they declared "Non Bona Fide," so last night they had a meeting of the Shelby County Democratic Primary Board and declared a whole bunch of people with "Republican and conservative voting records" so.  

  Jay goes on to say that this was done to counteract the rookie mistake (I assume by Bryan Carson) and others to have endorsements so there can be no endorsements by the party of such individuals that are declared as such.  Thus the title of this post.

  Why did Javier do this?  I don't know.  I think he believes that he controls the party apparently.  Why else would we have this farce that even Dell Gill would object to AFTER we already had the endoresements?  The time to do this is before the endorsements occurred, not after. 

  By doing it when he did, Javier makes a mockery of the party and our procedures (not that we don't try hard enough on our own to do this) attempting to circumvent the process.  The self congratulating notes in the press release make it even better.  "The infiltration of local Democratic leadership has now been countered.", "rookie move that was made last Thursday night", and my favorite, "Those of us who have been developing and implementing campaign strategy for over 30 years."

  All of these scream of an individual who believes his own hype and deluding himself into thinking he is the guardian of the party.  Stop with the grandstanding and cheap shots and come together to make the party stronger.  I wasn't happy with the party's decision as well, we endorsed a known homophobe in one race for example, but I won't make a proposal that we change the endorsements based on that.  Your actions do not help us, they only hurt us, making the party look weak and incompetent. 

  I will close with this, going by your standard, if Ball wins the nomination, you would have him declared non bona fide as he campaigned and voted for Haslem and Charlie Crist, who hopefully will win Florida, would have the same as he was once a Republican.


Detric Golden said...

Wharton is a Democrat on Paper but really a Republican. He endorsed Malone. The party is screwed.

Gale Jones Carson said...

Detric, why is the Party screwed because of the Mayor's endorsement? What does that have to do with the Party?
Gale Jones Carson

Mad Tom said...

Must be the Season of the Witch.