Friday, June 27, 2014

There is a Democratic primary in August, too

So, let's take this one by one, shall we?  Since I am also a private citizen, I will voice my opinion in these races:

U.S. Senator - TERRY ADAMS,  Terry Adams, as I noted earlier, speaks my language and understands that we have to develop a new progressive vision for Tennessee, and that what worked in 1992 no longer works in Tennessee.  Gordon Ball has lots of money, but he takes positions that are to the right of what a successful Democratic candidate should have.  I back Terry Adams, and I hope that you do as well.

U.S Representative, 9th District, Isaac Richmond.  JUST KIDDING! Steve Cohen is the best Congressman we have had since Harold Ford, Senior, and sometimes even better.  He works tirelessly on behalf of his constituency, providing great constituent service and votes EXACTLY the way I would vote if I were the Congressman.  What more can you ask?  Oh, and he brings home Federal money for the institutions of the 9th District.

Where Ricky Wilkins will have difficulties has nothing to do with him personally.  There is no rising groundswell to replace Cohen, except in the minds of some members of the political class who can't accept that a majority of African-American voters have repeatedly chosen a person of non-color to represent them.   Ultimately, the first question in a Congressional primary with an incumbent is this: Are you satisfied with the representation you have received?  If the answer is yes, then the rest of it is moot.  If Wilkins can't get enough people to reconsider a decision they have made several times before, then he has little chance.

This is why he has no choice except to attack Cohen, which will make the summer quite interesting.

Governor - John McKamey.  The former Sullivan County Mayor decided to run earlier this year, and I got to hear him speak at the Germantown Democratic Club, and I liked what I heard.  He faces a decidedly uphill battle against the incumbent, Bill Haslam, of the Pilot/Flying J Haslams.

State Senate, District 31 - No one bothered to file against The StuntBaby of Germantown, so I will write in someone, suggestions may go in comments.

State House, District 90 - A long, long time ago in a far away land, there was a state representative that I admired for his integrity, and supported him when he ran for the State Senate against Ophelia Ford.  He fundraised little, and while I didn't agree with him on social issues, we were in lockstep on financial issues.

Somewhere along the way, John DeBerry found that the forces working to kill public education in Tennessee were only too happy to fund his campaign against Jeanne Richardson, and all of a sudden these newfound buddies were only happy to buy ads for him. DURING THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS.  That, of course, was the end of Jeanne's legislative career, and another progressive voice was silenced by money.

So, as a protest, I am, for the foreseeable future, writing in Jeanne Richardson's name for House 90.  I know I will sleep better for having done so.

Democratic State Executive Committee, District 31, Female - Adrienne Pakis-Gillon is unopposed, but I would vote for her even if she were opposed.  Even though she voted for Roy Herron.  ;)

Democratic State Executive Committee, District 31, Male - Dwayne Thompson, for whom I first knocked on doors back in 1978, and will do again later this year as he also attempts to unseat Rep. Steve McManus (R-Cordova).  I trust him, and it doesn't hurt that he actually LIVES in Senate 31.

Now for races in the County in which I do not have a vote, but an opinion:

State Senate, District 29 - Lee Harris.  The City Councilor and UM Law professor is the best choice to involuntarily replace Senator Ophelia Ford, who, putting it as charitably as possible, is not of sound enough health to continue serving in the legislature.  Even giving her the best of it, she no longer needs to serve in Nashville, as she has not proven that she can physically perform her duties.

I like Ricky Dixon but I believe Lee Harris is the best fit for the district that contains South Memphis, Downtown and Cooper-Young.

State House, District 84 - Joe Towns.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

State House, District 91 - Raumesh Akbari.  She has been a great fit for the district, falling in the footsteps of the late, magnificent Lois DeBerry.  She deserves a chance to continue her solid representation of District 91.

I believe in more youth moving into positions of service, so I am supporting Corey Strong for the District 33 male position on the State Executive Committee and London Lamar for the female position in that District.

Have I missed anything?  No, I didn't think so.

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Mphs.Steve said...

As two of the people that got saddled with Kelsey by redistricting, my wife & I were really disappointed to see that he was running unopposed for the District 31 State Senate seat. I mean we went from being represented by Beverly Marrero to this schmuck whose election we didn't even get to participate in and now our 2014 votes aren't going to amount to anything more than a symbolic protest.