Friday, October 23, 2015

Dan Springer for District 5

Well, as I am fond of saying, he might not have been my first choice, but he is far from the worst choice for District 5.

I supported John Marek for this seat, and was disappointed that he didn't make the runoff, I think he would have, and will be when he chooses to run for another office, an outstanding public servant.

This leaves us with 28-year-old Worth Morgan, and 32-year-old Dan Springer.  After meeting with Dan this past week, I have decided to support him in the runoff for City Council.  Yes, he has more GOP ties than I am normally comfortable with, but I figure Mayor Luttrell and DAG Amy Weirich can't get EVERYTHING wrong!

Dan has governmental experience, having worked for Senator Bob Corker and Shelby County Government.  Unlike many of his GOP brethren, Dan believes in making government WORK and FUNCTION, and he understands that poverty is one of the city's biggest issues.  He understands that we have to make sure that our police and firefighters receive what they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.  Frankly, he didn't sound like the crazies you see on Fox News, and that's why I am supporting him for District 5.  I am sure Morgan is a nice young man, but he needs to go out and get more experience.

Springer, however, is not too old for the job either, as it will take a lot of energy working on the issues that this city and region face.  As you have noticed if you have read this blog this year, Jon and I have supported younger people for these offices, and we need fresh eyes and new energy.

For me, of the two remaining candidates, Dan Springer is the person who is most likely to represent this district as it needs to be represented.  Mary Wilder has also asked that you consider Dan, and I hope that you will as well.

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