Monday, October 12, 2015

I got yer Debate Watch Parties RIGHT HERE

Welcome all of you coming over from FIRST WORD.  Many thanks to Kyle Veazey for the link love!

First, for all you BERNIE SANDERS supporters (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), we have this missive from Laura Coleman Noeth:
Hey folks, be sure to join us Tuesday at 6:30 Democratic debate-watching party. It will be upstairs at Local in Overton Square. There will be fun things happening during the commercials and stimulating conversation and information throughout. Oh yea, it's sponsored by your local Bernie Sanders supporters. $5 admission goes toward local campaign expenses.
For those of you supporting what's-her-name that used to be a Senator, (just kidding! nudge-nudge-wink-wink), the Rincon Strategy Firm in Overton Square COOPER YOUNG is the place for you:

Debate Watch Party
RSF Office
902 S. Cooper (Lounge)
Oct 13th
Starts at 6:30 – Debate at 8:00

Join us for Bar B Q and Beverages
Hillary for America - Official Event
                         Call 901-830-3283 for info

Undecided AND a Millennial?  Then London Lamar has just the place for you, which also serves to raise support for the runoff campaign of our favorite District 2 candidate, Rachel Knox:

October 13 7-9 pm 

Bluefin Restaurant
135 S Main St, Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Join Millennials from across Memphis who are gathering to watch the first Democratic Presidential Debate by CNN in support of Rachel Knox. Rachel is a millennial who made it to the Memphis Municipal Run-off Election 2015; still giving us an opportunity to elect a millennial to Memphis City Council. 

I encourage everyone to come by to watch the debate and meet Rachel. 

There is no cost to attend but we are asking for donation to Rachel's Campaign. 

Hope to see you all there!

OK Then, pick one.  Or sit home and watch it.  Or watch the Cubs finish off the Cardinals in the NLDS!  BWAHAHAHAHA!

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