Thursday, October 08, 2015

Mayor Elect Jim Strickland



Just WOW!!!

Several months ago, I said it was time for a change and I was correct.

He and his campaign staff ran a tremendous campaign,

I disagree with him on his crime policy to a large extent.

However, I supported him for two main reasons.

He is not afraid to enact change on the status quo AND he is willing to change.

We have been under the decaying ruins of the Herenton regime for the last 16 years.  If Herenton had left in 1999 or even in 2003, there would have been opportunities to keep the cronyism down.

Too often in the last 12 years, especially in the last 6, Mayor Wharton had opportunities to set a different path as County and then City Mayor and he did not.  This is what helped bring him down.  When people that used to be your base vote for someone else (Harold Collins and Mike WIlliams and, yes, Strickland) because they have lost faith in your ability to help them, then it is over for you.

Jim has a lot of work to do.  He has priorities beyond crime and blight.

First, we need a better education policy.  Prepare our students to get better paying jobs and be qualified for good, high paying jobs, not the $9 or $10 jobs.  Outsourcing to private education and charters is not working.  The i-Zone isn't great, but it is better.  Local control of local schools.  Finally, have your crime policy towards youth offenders make it easy for expungement and options other than fines and fees.  Many of the people caught up in this cannot pay this and this will continue the cycle of poverty.

Second, you must reform the Memphis Animal Shelter.  Appoint a new director of the shelter and a new director above them.  Get someone new and young who will think outside of the box on ways to change it.  Stay away from the cronyism that has run rampant there.

Third, enact CLERB and ensure that it is strong.  We want all of our public servants to be held accountable.

Fourth, engage your opponents.  Remember, you have a mandate, but it is fragile one.

All said, CONGRATS!!!!!!  Enjoy tonight, for tomorrow you begin the transition.

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