Sunday, July 24, 2005

I feel a serious rant coming on

Someone who should have known better left a snarky voice mail on my phone tonight asking me "how it felt to be the blogger that singlehandledly brought down the Ford machine and installed Willie Herenton as the leader of the Democratic Party for the next two years."

Kiss my ass.

Operation Tennessee Waltz, Harold Ford Jr's open ass-kissing of Fox News and the rage that both brought to the average progressive Democrat did that on its own, thank you very much. Not to mention that the people in charge of organizing for David Cocke got out-organized BY PEOPLE WHO HAD NEVER BEEN IN THE PROCESS BEFORE. What does THAT tell you?

What does it also tell you about our Congressman when you realize he wants to be Senator but he didn't have enough juice to get one of his best supporters and loyal friends elected Party chairman IN HIS HOME COUNTY?

Once again the Coalition and its leaders are being dismissed as toadies and not knowledgeable enough to be in charge. Let me tell you, Desi Franklin and Brad Watkins are NOT shrinking violets, and if they suspect Chism is putting the squeeze on the Coalition, all hell will bust loose.

The only people we're making happy with the vicious attacks I deleted from the post below are the Republicans. I've been beaten before, and I've gone down with the ship on more campaigns than a lot of you have worked on. I didn't like it, I grumbled privately, but I MOVED ON.

You need to do the same thing. After you read this, go for a drive, go see a movie, go do what you need to do, but CHILL.

That's what I intend to do...


David Holt said...

Thanks for keeping some rationality in this process, Steve.

David Holt

Randa Spears said...

Why did the “Ford faction” lose their struggle to control the local party? Simply because that was their focus.
The other groups’ (i.e. MDIA, DFM, etc.) purpose was to build a party which provides inclusion for all who want to work to elect democrats to office. The “Chism” group saw a possible win-win situation. Their desire to be part of the process and succeed in strengthening the local party was stronger than the desire to control. It’s called keeping your eye on the ball.
Another reason Cocke lost. Cocke supporters were vicious in their attacks, playing on delegates’ emotions and lack of knowledge. Local Democrats want success, not dirty politics.
The nuts and bolts answer is that they discounted the strength of people who care about what is happening in the local party, who care about issues, and who want change in government. Therefore, they simply didn’t work hard enough to get enough people to the caucuses a month ago to elect delegates which would support a “Ford faction” victory.
Grass roots works. (Does anyone remember the successes of Clinton and Dean?)
Come on in “Ford faction” members of the newly elected executive committee. Let’s leave this convention in the history books and get to work doing what we have been elected to do. Let’s all put aside our group designations for a moment and work together. Sounds hokey? It’s not. It’s tough, but we have tough work ahead of us.

Democratic Smart A.. said...

You people are so naive. It's like leading lambs to the slaughter. You got punked. Chism is in control and there is NOTHING you can do about it. King Willie reigns supreme, thanks almost entireley to your help- wether intended or not (and I believe you all knew what you were doing)

Anonymous said...

No doubt they know what they were doing and the lies will never be forgotten.
Oh for the good old days of Harold Ford Sr.

Anonymous said...

Desi's only purpose is power, now she has made a pact with the devil.
and this is suppose to bring unity. if there is an olive branch to be extended , it has to come from the Convention Coalition really the MSDIA. I do think DFM are truly trying to make a difference.
It will be many years before this party overcomes all the hurt that has been caused and forget the 2006 elections. I will be interested to see who the committee endorses for the judicial races, you know their voting records are made known so the committee can endorse a TRUE DEMOCRAT.

PosterChild42 said...

Desi is power hungry? Excuse me? You have obviously never spoken to her. As a delegate, I didn't recieve any nasty phone calls from her or anyone representing her. Wish I could say the same for Cocke's people. Perhaps you should clean your own house first.

Democratic Smart A.. - If you would rather whine and complain that your faction didn't win, you might as well go become a Republican for all the good you are doing us.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously like to challenge everyone to refrain from making any more negative comments, that pertains to "winners" and "losers", regarding the outcome of the Convention. If you have an opinion regarding the future of the party try to state it without making derogatory personal comments. I realize that after any contest the "losing side" needs to lick their wounds. I challenge you to do this in private and then, rather than talk about how things "can't" work, get busy trying to make them work. And who knows, if we can accomplish that we might even be able to elect good, strong Democratic candidates and even a new Democratic president and take back Congress. Now that's something I know we would all agree on. So why not focus on the points on which we all agree? The other is water under the bridge! Let's move on!

Anonymous said...

I will not go away because a new bunch thinks they can run over everybody. There are plenty of compaigns to work in and never have to look at the ------ again.
You can bet the Ford faction will be called on to make it happen and we will, like we always have.
You guys can have your dirty little meetings checking on anyone who is taliking to anyone except someone in your faction. Even checking on people's employment.

Anonymous said...

When asked whether he would consider includding Cocke supporters in leadership roles, Matt Kuhn emphatically dismissed such a suggestion. That certainly is his perogative, but . . . So much for unity.

I actually do know Desi- personally and professionally

I venture to guess those attacking David Cocke and John Freeman and David Upton and Harold Ford Jr. don't know them personally. David Cocke has served this party, this community and his profession with honor and integrity for longer than many of the "new" people have been Democrats and for the young ones, such as myself- for longer than we've been alive. Freeman and Upton spend countless hours working with constituents of the Congressman- helping them with everyday issues from social security to healthcare, to housing - making their lives better - bet you didn't know that. Bet you didn't know that John helps organize a massive charitable giving campaign called Operation Happy Christmas every year- providing food and other items to needy families at Christmas. Bet you didn't know David Upton pulled Desi and Ann aside in Feburary and encouraged them to get inovled and explained the process. Not to mention that all of them have worked hard to elect some of our most respected and hard working public servants: AC Wharton, Rita Clark, Carol Chumney, Mike Kernell, Beverly Morerro. Moreover, the Congressman is one of the most respected and articulate members of this party- whether or not you agree with him on every issue. He has done much to enrich this community. I honestly can not say the same for those attacking them. All of these men saw the destruction brought to the Party during the Chism reign. They saw our supposedly "democratic" elected officials endorse Republican candidates and the party stand by and do nothing to challenge this betrayal. They saw fines over a thousand dollars incurred by a treasurer who failed to file the appropriate financial disclosure forms. (Ask your new Chairman who was treasurer during that time- and ask him to pay it out of his own pocket) They saw a party that could not effectively put together a slate of candidates - but instead played favorites to the detriment of us all. They saw a Chairman who promoted his own self interest over the interest of Shelby Co. Democrats. So this race was really a battle for the heart and soul of our local Party- a battle to protect all they fought to build- not for themselves, but for all of us. Those are big shoes to fill- and while I so want to be optomistic about the future . . . I can't . . . at least not yet.

PosterChild42 said...

Ok, sorry for using the word "win".

Certain people are behaving as if the coalition is an enemy. This is a load of crap. Certain people in Cocke's faction (though I doubt David himself) think that his not being elected is the end of the world. Bunk. Change happens. Deal with it. Now they have a choice. They can keep up the divisions and further hurt the party, or they can roll up their sleeves.

I wanted Cocke to win at first, and I think he could have done a great job. But the idea of electing delegates only to elect a certain chairperson is wrongheaded. It gives the chair far too much power and leads to the election of an ineffectual EC. As I said in the previous thread, the EC members I voted for did not tell me who they supported for chair and I didn't want to know. I voted for a committee not for chair.

People going around calling Desi a power hungry closet Republican just come off as idiotic. It's annoying and it makes us all look bad. Do you see Republicans doing that? I don't. That's why if people dont get it together we will have a much harder time of it.

PosterChild42 said...


You, Mr/Ms Anonymous troll, are of no use to the party if you keep up that attitude. I certainly hope you aren't sitting around wondering why you or those with your attitude weren't elected to the EC. If you want to act that way you have to realize that you are making all of your "faction" look bad.

If you read Baker's article, even Ford has said he can work with Kuhn, and when Kuhn attended one of our "dirty little meetings" told us that he was a personal friend and supporter of Harold Ford (gasp!). So if Ford can work with the changes, why can't you?

Anyone can come to the meetings. Upton has been to both MDIA and DFM meetings. His comments were heard and nobody kicked him out. It's shocking, I know. So I suggest you learn to work with others and don't take all this so personally.

Anonymous said...

Calvin Anderson, the Regent of MDIA.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't you let Jodie Patterson in your Monday night dirty little meeting and oh yes people who were supporting David C had not one chance of getting on the committee, By the way I did not run for the committee and cetainly glad I did not, it would be unbearable to have to put up with you idiots

PosterChild42 said...

I wasn't at the Monday meeting, but that particular one was supposed to be for coalition delegates only. If she was a delegate, I'm sorry if she was shut out. That's definitely not cool.

But since you obviously have no desire to work with other people, it's better if you stay away.

Anonymous said...

I am not going anywhere, I will be working in the Democratic party when you and your kind have decided to go mess up something else. I am a yellow dog Demo and proud of it, I am just not proud of you. But it is so like you to tell others to go away.

Anonymous said...

Who in the world would want to come to your dirty little meetings where you ACT so innocent and know damn well what you are up to because you have just gotten your cue from the BIG MAN.
I would suggest everyone get their items out of the Demo Headquarters that we paid for with no help I might add from the new mafia.
I would not put it past them to change the locks and there goes your stuff.

Anonymous said...

PosterChild. Your message is a case in point for the argument that there were "dirty little meetings" and even bigger, dirty lies. Matt is not a personal friend, confident or associate of the Congressman. Of course the Congressman will work with the Chair, whomever that is. However, the quote in the flyer and in the COmmerical Appeal came from Matt not the Congressman. So consider the source. Also consider the quote in which Matt indicated he would not give anyone from the "other" side a seat at the leadership table - I presume this means all positions including Steering Com. members. Yeah- that reaks of unity. Moreover WAKE UP- if you elected Coalition members to the Committee then you did elect delegates for the sole purpose of electing a certain Chair. The only difference is one group was open about that and the other did it covertly. I'm not making judgements about those tactics, but if you think one behaved any differently than the other then that just makes you ignorant.

LeftWingCracker said...

IIRC from Jackson Baker's column, Matt seemed to think that the Cocke delegates "wouldn't buy it" if he offered them Steering Committee slots.

Maybe not, especially with the vitriol I've been seeing here. However, that doesn't mean he should not try.

DemoBitch said...

Chicken Wing if you are going to quote Jackson Baker maybe you should copy and paste from his article instead of trying to compose a Coalition advertisement.

The article as posted below never says Cocke supporters when referring to who would not buy it. I believe Kuhn gestured to his Coalition cronies as to who would not buy it. And why would they not buy it? Because they bought and paid for Kuhn and he will do exactly what they tell him to do.

“Kuhn was conciliatory in his own post-election remarks, but was reticent when asked later if he favored giving a few party offices to members of the Ford faction when the new executive committee next meets to complete reorganization.

“I just don’t know if they’d buy it,” said Kuhn, gesturing toward a group of new committee members.”

PosterChild42 said...

Matt Kuhn claimed to be friends with Harold Ford. I suppose you could call him a liar if you want, but you'll have to forgive me if I take his word over that of an anonymous troll.

To the other anonymous troll, of course you don't have to "go away". Since I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am, we might work together and never realize it. However, if your attitude carries into the election cycle, you will be more of hinderance than a help. Things won't always go your way. Most of us learn this in first grade. I only wish you had the dignity, class, and devotion to the party that David Cocke does.

It's kind of sad that there are so many people bent on wrecking the party. I don't care how long you've worked as a Democrat, with this attitude, you are just hurting us now.

DemoBitch said...

Hey PosterChild, do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk. Cause we do.

The other lesson we all learned in first grade is to treat others with respect. You might consider that the next time you refer to someone who doesn't agree with you as a "troll".

Your comments are weak and really do not add much value to a discussion that more than likely will continue if the prevailing attitudes remain in tact.

It is not the duty of the "Ford/Uptonites" to extend an olive branch, the Coalition is control now and we will see if they have the stamina, connections and talent to make somthing happen for the Party. As of yet, I for one am not impressed. But what can you expect from a "troll".

PosterChild42 said...


You accuse ME of being disrespectful? You expect ANYONE to reach out to YOU with this seriously crappy attitude? If you are incapable of working with other people, why do you even want to be reached out to? Who would reach out to a bitch that's just going to bite their hand?

I still can't believe you guys are wondering why anyone wanted change. You all have done David Cocke a terrible disservice.

It's much easier to sit here and whine than it is to actually make an effort. So I'm leaving this thread alone.

Anonymous said...

OK Left "chicken-wing." You'll remove postings because you don't like their content when they offend coalition members, but you won't remove ones that call other posters "troll" and "bitch." Nice. Guess we know your true colors.

LeftWingCracker said...

Troll is not a vile word, it is used frequently on post blogs.

As for the term bitch, might the poster have been referring to DemoBitch (love the handle, even if she did call me chicken-wing, it's hilarious).

As for the post I removed Saturday night about Jenny Kuhn's mode of dress, I'll do it again in a heartbeat because it's my blog.

Hell, I let people call me names on this blog, and I will let a lot slide. The attacks are starting to get personal again, and I'm not thrilled about it.

Anonymous said...

I know friends of the Congressman. I would not consider myself one, but also know for a fact that Matt Kuhn should not consider himself one either. Perhaps he's met him, spoken with him- etc,- I'm sure he's even voted for him once, maybe twice. But from my fact checking and own personal knowledge, I do believe his comment was an major overstatement of their relationship- whether intentional or not.

But who cares, being the statesman he is, I'm sure the Congressman will work with the new Chair.

Anonymous said...

I called you "chicken-wing" and I'd do it again in a heartbeat ;-)
I'm not Demobitch by the way.

LeftWingCracker said...

Oh, I know, but an earlier post used that handle and called me chicken-wing, so you weren't the first, sorry!

As for the Congressman working with the new Chair, it's in the interest of both that he do so; his base is not as secure as he thinks it is.

Anonymous said...

I was elected to the executive committee on Saturday and I am not a member of any faction.

Reading through all of this makes me wonder if it was not a mistake if all we do is fight.

We should put all this crap behind us and work together to elect Democrats locally and nationally. There is enough work out there to keep all factions busy.

Do we want all this juvenile, dirty laundry aired out there? Just imagine Mike Fleming braying about this on his afternoon show.

Anonymous said...

SCDP- Sidney Chism's Democratic Party - enough said

Anonymous said...

You can bet we will fight to the end we can not let our great Democratic party be taken over by Republicans
Desi, I never got my answer, what are you going to do when Lamar Alexander runs again,with friends like you who needs enemies.
I have just figured it out, you can dance on his victory stage with King Willie, then give some bullshit lame excuse of your personal friendship and yada, yada, yada. You can pretend to be innocent but you are not believed you and yours are the reason this party is in an uproar.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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