Friday, November 18, 2005

The 9th District field gets bigger, but I see no winners yet

OK. I've heard of Ron Redwing, kind of. I met Ed Stanton (Jr? III?) in my precinct caucus earlier this year, and I saw Nikki Tinker at the Ford post-convention breakfast (oops, the PARTY breakfast, I get confused sometimes).

So, who the hell is THIS GUY? Lee Harris, a UM law professor, has announced his candidacy to succeed Harold Junior in Congress. According to the article, he's anti-choice, pro-voucher, pro-charter school. THAT should help him in the Democratic primary, shouldn't it?

Stanton seems ok, and I've never met Redwing that I remember, so they might be OK. Tinker is sweet and gorgeous, but she's a corporate lawyer. Harris is anti-choice, so we're still looking for a winner here. Jim Maynard, you ran as a write-in two years ago and got nowhere. You could get in this primary and maybe even win it.

'Nuff said.


polar donkey said...

Anti choice, pro-voucher, pro-charter school? This is the 9th congressional district not Lincoln Davis district. Are republicans so embarrassed by their own party, they are now trying to ran as democrats? To ashamed republicans, please stay in your own party or start a new one. Don't try to sell your crazy here. Does this guy think it's 2002?

Wintermute said...

OK, whom would you like to see enter the race?

Oh, I don't have a local focus on my blog (yet), but check it out and vote in the TV newsbabe contest, and I'll RSS ya.

David Holt said...

Any thoughts on Tyson Pratcher yet?

LeftWingCracker said...

David, I really don't know enough about him at this point.

The fact that he's leading a charge for HRC is NOT a point in his favor, though...

bluemantn said...

Ed Stanton is more than just a nice guy. He has been actively involved in this community for over a decade. Have you seen this guy's resume? And I'm not talking about his professional accomplishments - I'm talking about all the ways he serves in this community. He has rolled his sleeves and gone to work trying to improve Memphis and Shelby County in many different ways.

Recently named one of Memphis' Top Forty Under Forty; recieved an award-given to a top attorney for their service to the community. I've gotten to know him and I'm impressed. I think he's a straight shooter and respect that. I think he's a bright talent with fresh ideas who will serve this community honorably.

JustAThought said...

I have plenty to say about Tyson. Being a Hillary Clinton staffer and leaving outside of Memphis for almost a decade means you should stay out of the race. He is lawyer ok great. So are Tinker, Harris and Stanton. He went to Columbia Law School ok great Harris went to Yale (believe me nobody picks Columbia over Yale). He is the son of public school teachers so is Harris. He grew up in Whitehaven so did Stanton and Harris. Harris returned home after school to help Memphians...he was active in the bar, Big/Sibs, and ran or runs a HeadStart. Tyson lived and still lives it up in NYC. Tyson and Tinker should not win and should not run. Neither know enough about the communits and its people to run. Tinker understand business but not Memphians. Tyson understand politicas but doesn't represent Memphians. Stanton Harris and Redwing at least know the people of Memphis. They have at least helped the people of Memphis. Tyson needs to stay in NYC

Orange Mounder said...

I have plenty to say about Tyson Pratcher too. I met him at my frat meeting a few weeks ago and in 2 words he is da truth. He rocked our meeting. When it was over he took questions and was soo good one of the old brothers stood up and said "this election is over" and the entire room exploded clapping. I also like him becaise he used to live in Castalia right around the corner from where I grew up, so I know he's real unlike the rest of these jack and jill types we have running. I spent spent 30 minuts talking to him about CTO and he's probably the only candidate who even knows what that is. My real question for those who are mad that he has been working in DC for the Clinton's is why haven't ya'll raised that objection about harold? he grew up in DC and never lived in Memphis. Meanwhile Tyson went to ghetto a$$ Orleans elementary! But he doesn't understand Memphis? Yall have got to be joking. I'll take a hood dude like Tyson who worked his way through college and law school and made it to the top of politics with Hillary, over these silver spoon never worked a day in my life types. Looks to me like the black bourgoise class is getting scared of the hood dude. I've met and heard Tinker and Ron and Ed..and quite frankly it aint even close. There is a reason why the 2 biggest Democrats in America hired him. All I can say to Tyson is keep riding for Castalia and Person!! CTO for life!

Truthhinpolitics said...

I don't know Tinker or Pratchard. I don't know Stanton or Redwing or Harris either.

But I will still share my thoughts.

It sounds like this Tyson guy is nice but all of them sign like nice folks.

They all are relatively young and none of them have held political office before.

Since it looks like all we have or candidates without experience, we need to decide who has the most to offer.

I am personally bothered by the fac that Tyson is moving home to run for the seat. Was Memphis not good enough or exciting enough to live in without an open seat?

Ed Stanton seems like a good candidate.

Nikki Tinker like Tyson doesn't seem like she has paid her dues to the area. I don't think that she lived her very long.

Harris is young. We saw what young Jr did for us. He is probably too young to be effective.

Redwing seems like a nice guy too.

TCB said...

There's nothing wrong with leaving Memphis to get experiences from another city. It's actually better. It brings a fresh perspective when that can better serve Memphian. Stop being so close-minded and think that you have to be born, raised and die in the same city. We live in an era of globalization and if we are counting on people to lead us who have never left Memphis, that makes me scared and will leave us way behind the rest of the US.

Anonymous said...

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