Tuesday, January 17, 2006

9th District Candidate Forum on the 24th

ATTENTION: This is an update as of 7:40 PM CST on January 20! Please note that we have a NEW venue and more candidates have signed up!


Democracy For Memphis wants to invite you to the first of several candidate forums for the upcoming 2006 elections. On Tuesday, January 24th Democracy For Memphis and our good friends at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (special thanks to Paul Shaffer), will host a question and answer forum with five of the current candidates for United States Representative of District Nine.

In attendance will be Lee Harris, Tyson Pratcher, Ron Redwing, Nikki Tinker, Ralph White, Ed Stanton and Joseph B. Kyles. We decided to open this meeting up to the public so that the greater community of Labor and Progressives could become better informed about this exciting and historic race in local politics. We also want to know your questions; DFM members, please submit your questions to Brad@democracyformemphis.com. Please label your email Forum Questions.
Any Non-DFM member questions should be sent to Steve Steffens at sjs1959 at earthlink dot net.

We also want to add that while we attempted to contact all candidates in this primary there were some whom we could not obtain contact information for. We want to make sure EVERY candidate has an opportunity to attend this event and want to extend an invite to any in this race who we have not spoken to.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend, this is a great opportunity for the voters of District Nine to meet and get to know their next Representative.

DFM Candidate Forum

Tuesday, Jan 24th, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Hall.

Free Admission

Brad Watkins
Democracy For Memphis


Brad Watkins said...

I also want to thank Ed Stanton for accepting our invitation today. We look forward to hearing him speak at the forum as well.

soandsodem said...

As a non-DFM member, why is Nikki Taylor the only person to have an asterisk by her name? There is no explanation in the posting.

Brad Watkins said...

Ms. Tinker has accepted our invitation and wants to attend ,but may have a conflict on that date.

soandsodem said...

My apologies to Ms. Tinker. I pulled in a last name from a long distant election.

Brad Watkins said...

Thanks to everyone who has sent in questions. I also want to inform everyone that there may be a change of location of this event to somewhere larger and more centrally located.
Currently waiting for a call back and will post on this page by 8:00pm 1/20
Thank you all so much for being flexible

Brad Watkins said...

I am very pleased to announce that our venue has been changed to the 1870 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104
I want to thank the members and staff of IBEW, for allowing us to use of their space.
I also wanted to personally thank Joseph Kyles for accepting our invitation to join the forum.

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Matilda said...

Dude- We at Matilda's so dig your blog. And we thank you for linking us in your link list. Keep up the good left work! 'Tildy and the gang


Brad Watkins said...

I am pleased to announce that Congressional Candidate Bill Whitman has accepted out invitation to tonight's forum.
Eight Candidates....whew..no one can say there are no choices.