Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There's LOTS to read about last night's 9th District Forum

For good solid analysis, there's Jackson Baker's column in the Flyer here. Then, you have the CA's slightly bizarre column here, with this odd note:

Rev. Ralph White, pastor of the Bloomfield Full Gospel Baptist Church, drew chuckles for his folksy language and for referring to the other candidates as "fine young men" who reminded him of his sons.

But he was also the only candidate willing to criticize organized labor, which he said could be corrupt, and the only one who talked about prison reform.

Dude, if you're in a UNION HALL, why would you say that???? Why does Oliver Staley make it sound like it's a great thing for a DEMOCRAT to do? If Angus MacEachran were still alive, by God, they'd know how to write a story.

What? He's not dead, just retired? Hell, go get him back NOW!!!

However, for hard-hitting coverage with just a slight hint of opinion, go read Polar Donkey, who applies the serious smackdown on Nikki Tinker for ducking the event. Also, Autoegocrat advises that he RECORDED the entire event on audio tape, with a report to come tomorrow at Flypaper Theory.

Yours truly had to work late and missed the spectacle, which had a terrific attendance in my book, and everyone seemed happy with the event. There is a SCDP fundraiser and 9th District Straw Poll at the Rendezvous on Thursday night, but you have to shell out $50 to vote, if my understanding is correct. What the hell, it IS a fundraiser!


John Wilfong said...

I thought all the candidates were fairly impressive, but everyon I spoke too agreed with Jackson that Tyson Pratcher stood heand and shoulders above the rest. Besides having a pretty amazing personal story, he is clearly the candidate best suited to actaully make things happen for Memphis in Washington. I spoke to him when it was over and not only was he engaging but he seemed to be right on the money politically. All the candidates gave good answers (except Rev. White) but Pratcher actually had things that he could point to that he did with Hillary Clinton. We can't afford to send someone who is going to have to spend years learning the place and the system, when we have someone who already knows how the system works, has the respect of people in Washington and has actually gotten things done for us in Washington.

The only thing I didn't like about last night was that Tinker didn't show. Polardonkey got it right. They would have killed her. I met her earlier this month and when I asked her about issues she told me she wasn't talking about issues yet. I am still in disbelief about that answer.

PeskyFly said...

Um, the CA has hired a major union busting lawyer to bust their union. It's an ANTI LABOR paper.

Yep, bring Angus back. I'll personally pay him an extra $11 a month. I'd offer more, but that's about all I can afford at the moment.