Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I obviously need to clarify something here.

I have received notes and posts as to why I crack down on my own Democratic Party more than I do the Republicans.

First, if you have to come here to learn that the Republican Party is filled with greedy, incompetent boobs with the expressed intention of destroying government as we know it, then you just haven't been paying attention. Besides, most of those lovely national blogs over in the blogroll do a much better job of it than I ever could.

Second, I have to crack back because of things like this. Why is the DSCC crapping on Rosalind Kurita by refusing to even acknowledge her candidacy? This is the sort of thing that caused me to support Howard Dean first for President, then for DNC Chair.

These Washington morons, who have NEVER gotten a President elected (Clinton was smart enough to keep them miles away from his campaigns) have no clue what goes on outside the Beltway. All they see is that Harold the Younger has a pretty smile (not to mention pedicures!) and has raised lots of Washington $$$.

Never mind that he is about as electable statewide as Otis Campbell is in Mayberry. Despite Jackson Baker's comments about the race (see about halfway down the page) being pushed by the national media, I have my doubts that he can carry more than Shelby and Davidson Counties.

Can't you imagine what sort of evil commercials are already in the can at TRP headquarters? Not to mention that it's possible that Uncle John's trial may be taking place during the general election campaign, and Ford's nomination is a recipe for disaster.

If he weren't such a sellout, it would be easy to buy into the narrative of the proud, articulate African-American from the South (bring in choir here, please) fighting those nasty old racists and his less-than-perfect family to be the first elected Black (or at least 3/4 black, if you ask him) Senator from here since Reconstruction. It kind of gets you right here, eh?

This, however, is about Junior, not Barack Obama, the guy who voted for a bankruptcy bill that hurt his own constituency, not some proud warrior for the common good. For crying out loud, he grew up in Washington, not South Memphis!

So, dear friends and gentle readers, it's this sort of thing that makes me crack out the verbal 2X4 on my own party. With the help of you, Howard Dean, DFM, MSDIA and any other initials you may want to bring, we'll clean this bad boy up or die trying!


Dr. Laniac said...

Just a clarification. You are correct, but the wording made me stop and re-read the sentence.

Ford voted for the bankruptcy bill.

Obama did not.

I make the clarification only because there's an existing misconception that Obama voted for the bankruptcy bill. I don't know where it came from, but it was not uncommon to see people get that wrong.

And I agree with hitting the disloyal Republicon-lite Dems. I want to take back the Congress, but if we lack unity because of such Dems, we still can't accomplish an agenda.

autoegocrat said...

Damn dude, I couldn't agree more.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Not to mention that there's some rumbling that Sidney Chism was seen in the company of Ros Kurita, which could spell curtains for Junior. If Thaddeus Matthews is correct:

And Obama's engaging in triangulation. According to Buzz Flash, he's against invoking a filibuster of Alito. Go figure that he and Junior are drinking from the same vat of Kool-Aid these days.

Brad Watkins said...

Naw..Thad was wrong on that this point so far. That pic was from last summer. I took a pic with her too that day. As did alot of folks.
I figure there most likely have been conversations of somekind, but that's all just personal speculation.
As for brickbatting Diet Republicans, Go for it.