Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Rude One gets it right

Today's Rude Pundit offering shows how pathetic many of the Democratic Senators have become. Here's a sample:

Today, Senators who voted for cloture are going to vote against the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. And when Lincoln Chafee, Maria Cantwell, Herbert Kohl, Blanche Lincoln, and Jay Rockefeller, as well as all the others run for re-election, they can say, "Look, I said 'No.'" But that "no" matters so little as the very issues they say caused them to vote that way - the power of the presidency, abortion rights, the right to privacy, the favoring of corporations - are turned against them time and again. Yeah, they voted against Alito, but there's a starving, beaten prisoner in Gitmo, a pregnant teenage girl in Nebraska, a coal mining family in West Virginia who are all gonna be the ones fucked because of such cowardly courage. And when they say they voted against Alito, someone's gonna be smart enough to say, "Hey, Maria, if it's such a big fuckin' deal, why didn't you join the filibuster?"

'Nuff said; go read the rest of it.

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Brassmask said...

See, S. This is what I was talking to you about. It's pervasive from the federal to the local. They think that people aren't paying attention and that they can spin when they get down to it.

Didn't they learn anything from that loser Kerry's comment "I was actually for the 87billion before..."?


Kos has a poll up showing Ford behind his three possible R opponents.