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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Ford Party

The Democratic Party has a situation on its hands that it refuses to deal with, to their peril. That is to say, they apparently do not have a Senate candidate in Tennessee.

Oh, sure, he won the primary and appeared with a former President that very night. However, nowhere in his ads does it say he is a Democrat or that he supports Democratic ideals. Why?

Hell, he doesn't even endorse the Democratic nominee that the voters of the 9th District selected to replace him. Why? Because his little brother is in the race, supposedly to increase turnout in November.

What good will it do if it increases Republican turnout in Shelby County, if for no other reason than to ensure that no one named Ford occupies the 9th district seat? And, you can bet it won't be Harold's button they push when they vote in the Senate race. Also, how many Democrats, angered at Ford's rejection of Steve Cohen, will either overlook the Senate race or vote for another candidate?

So, I can guess that we can assume that Harold and his younger brother (poor guy, he doesn't have a clue of what's about to happen) are running on their OWN party.

Thanks to Bob at 55-40, we can even offer them a logo for the Ford Party:

Be careful what you wish for, Senior and Junior; you just may get it.


OSIRIS said...

The logo is priceless, however, there is only one real "trigger-puller" in the bunch. HFS has a son, a few years older than HFJ,that spent some time in the military at Ft. Bragg & Ft. Campbell/ is a Gulf War vet. He has attended a few of the family funerals. Although, he seems mild mannered, it was said that you won't finish an argument with him. HFS left his brother's funeral when this guy showed up. I'm not sure why, there's an issue for sure.

Wintermute said...

Thaddeus may know this person's name. Perhaps he would like to have his story told.

Thaddeus Augustus Matthews said...

The son's name is Reginald Rodgers and he has a sister name Donna both are the oldest kids of Harold Sr.

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