Friday, August 14, 2009

The AC Wharton website is now up

From our bud Kerry Hayes at the Wharton campaign comes the following;

A redesigned version of, Mayor Wharton's campaign website, is now live. Particularly relevant new sections include: - specific areas and issues that the Mayor plans to address on day one. - his accomplishments so far, his reasons for running now, and his vision for the future of our city. Includes link for visitors to ask their own questions of Mayor Wharton. - a growing list of grassroots ways that people can positively impact the upcoming special election. - a place where friends and supporters can show their support for Mayor Wharton's vision.

Some areas of the website (such as Events and News) will continue to grow and evolve over the next few days.

More questions? or 901 481 5104.
Remember, candidates, if you have information like this to put up, send me a email at sjs1959 at gmail dot com!

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