Tuesday, August 04, 2009

KO nails the Blue Dogs who are selling us out.

I do have great insurance, but not everyone works where I do. What you are about to see from Keith Olbermann is why we push ALL of our Democrats to support a public option. Our own congressman has supported the public option, but refuses to take the pledge to NOT vote for a bill without one.

Let me repeat, before you watch Keith, that it is CRITICAL that our Congressman, who is part of the Democratic leadership, go ON RECORD that he shall not vote for a bill without a robust public option. He's not sold out to the Big Healthcare like the Blue Dogs, but if he votes for a bill without a public option, he is just as guilty as they are.

This is why I ask you to go to his Town Hall Meeting this Saturday and ask him to take the pledge, and if he refuses, ask him, nicely, why he won't commit.

Then, ask him why he wants to give Willie Herenton a real campaign issue, something the ex-Mayor does not yet have.

Thanks to CallMeIshmael for bringing the Special Comment to my attention.


DC said...

This may be the only viewing this guy gets all day; on this blog. No wonder why MSNBC's ratings are so low.

captainkona said...

The Olbermench really nailed those Blue Dogshit scumbags to the wall. That's the first real, pointed MSM coverage Ross and that asshat Gordon have had on the issue.

Incidentally, we have some BD chickenshits at the TNDP site it seems. TNDP.org has prevented me from posting that same vid, LWC.
I'm not kidding. I went off on them via email yesterday.
I had agreed previously to subdue my verbiage when posting there.
My post containing KOs comment in no way violated any posting guidelines at TNDP but as of this moment, the fourth attempt to post is still "awaiting approval". The three previous posts were spirited away without explanation.

Just sos you know what's going on over there. I have no name to offer but I'm trying to get one.