Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heh. We have a potential new candidate in the Mayor's race.

To steal a Pete Townshend line, MEET THE NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS.

Yes, Willie W. Herenton has picked up a petition to run in the special election to replace, well, Willie W. Herenton. I can't even get mad, I think it's hilarious. My thought is that he sees AC rolling to victory, and he's going to teach Wharton a lesson about who's boss in the Bluff City. Then, after having conquered Wharton and everyone else, he will wait until spring and retire again in anticipation of his race against Steve Cohen.

Given that I happen to believe that Wharton will get more votes from the white community than the black community, Herenton could very well win this thing, unless..........

The African-American community decides they've had enough, because it's in their hands now, and they need to determine for whom they will vote and why. Of course, I still haven't, but, before the election. I hope Whalum stays in to challenge the former Mayor if WWH files, THAT alone would be worth the price of admission.

UPDATE: The MDN article linked above now has WWH's statement which essentially attacks Myron Lowery for turning the city "backwards". Um, that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Myron is trying to drive out WWH's old payrollers, would it? Just sayin', that's all.


dwayne said...

This will definitely be a test of our desire/tolerance of political drama.

Anonymous said...

"I intend to run, get elected, and then immediately resign in order to run for Congress."

Alrighty then.

Brad Watkins said...


Herenton is doing this to "scare off" some of the lower tier candidates,and to damage Lowery. The filing deadline is the 3rd, the withdrawal deadline is the 15th. We will see then which candidates have the stones to hang tough.

Tom Guleff said...

Is this what's left of our city? No political backlash from city elders or the political elite on this stunt. Maybe this is truly "Katrina in slow motion" - 55-40 Bob.

I am sure the county voters would really love consolidation right now to become part of this drama we have chosen.