Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey, have you checked out our calendar on the side here?

The creation of Jon Carroll, Steve Ross and I, we three are putting out a call to the Mayoral Candidates, the Senate 31 Candidates, and the Parties for events.

if you are having an event, in order to get it on the calendar, please send the following information to electionsmemphis at gmail dot com:

Name of Candidate or Party
Date, Times and Address of Event
Fundraising or Open Event

Send that information to electionsmemphis at gmail dot com and we will put it up as quickly as possible!

UPDATE: This calendar can also be found at The Daily Docket! If YOU have a BLOGGER blog, you too may have this calendar if you want, email me at sjs1959 at gmail dot com for the code.

UPDATE 2: Ross has found a way to make this work for WordPress blogs as well, here you go:

Download plugin
Get API Key following instructions on page
Upload plugin to "Plugins" Dir in WP blog
Insert Widget where you like

UPDATE 3: Wintermute kicks it up a notch for BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER sites, he has installed an auto-install button for the calendar. AWESOME!


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Email me for the share code on this, unless Steffens wants to put it in a post here (hint).