Monday, February 08, 2010

I am going to make a few predictions

Right here, right now. Willie Herenton will win the race for the Democratic nomination and thus the 9th District Congressional seat. He doesn't deserve it by any stretch of the imagination for the reasons Wendi has said. Herenton is running because he feels like in 1990 he is the only candidate. In addition, this move by Herenton and his Flavor Flav like hype man Sidney Chism is exactly what is wrong with Memphis politics. Herenton has refused to build the bench of strong candidates. Herenton also is complaining about lack of representation and racism (using dog whistle tactics). He believes that only he can remove the seat from the iron grip of Steve Cohen.

Give me a break. If Herenton and Chism would not have fostered division and distrust within the local party, then Steve would have faced a stronger candidate the last two elections and would have most likely lost.

It is no wonder Herenton doesn't think anyone else could beat Cohen. When the list of young, energetic candidates is nonexistant who could do it because of your own insistence on cronism and division, no shit. When you do nothing but belittle and deride those who disagree with you, when you work with downtown developers who line your pockets at the expense of development in areas that need it, when you call racism on your own incompetent apointees being indicted on animal cruelty while people who paid you off aren't, no shit.

There are no other qualified candidates by your definition because you definition has only your picture Willie D. I wish you and Flavor Chism would have built a bench. I wish you and your Bomb Squad of campaign crew would have had a better campaign slogan then Shake off the Haters. Willie is not about Memphis, he is about himself.

On to the other races. Bill Haslem will win the Republican nomination and also the governorship. Sorry Jim. You will win the Democratic nomination though. The Republicans should win unless this year's General Assembly session is a disaster that we can lay at the Republican doorstep. Keep painting them in a negative light as a do nothing Assembly.

The 8th district race will be tight. I think Herron pulls it out if the Republican primary battle is as brutal as they say. Flinn probably won't win. Funnily, if we win, we will probably lose the seat shortly after. The Republicans are looking to make the district solidly Republican. Look for them to put a good deal of East Shelby over in that district from the 7th regardless. This will mean Lincoln and Bart's old districts will get hard to win.

Agree? Disagree? Prove me wrong.

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callmeishmael said...

As you know being from Humboldt, the 8th District has been held by Democrats since the dawn of time. Unless Good Ole' Roy--who was a student of my father's at UTM in the 1970s and ambitious as ever--is caught in the situation described by Edwin Edwards, I think he wins by inertia if not the brilliance of policy. On the other races, who knows? Cohen has a good chance if for no other reason than Narcissistic Willie has already played the only card he has to play. In a debate, Cohen wins. I also think they will have to debate, but Herenton will avoid it as long as possible. Once underway, Cohen wil help himself quite well. At that point, Herenton will get really ugly and Cohen will have to remember Bill Clinton's adage about meat cleavers. Who wins? No way to know, but perhaps Cohen in a fairly close race and with Republican help.