Saturday, February 13, 2010

The picture doesn't tell the whole story

Deidre Malone opened her Headquarters today for her bid for Shelby County Mayor, as lots of supporters and public officials came to the opening, which was from 12-3. Many thought that it started at 1 and missed her wonderful speech, in which she talked about her experience as Budget Chair and Commission Chair on the Shelby County Commission. She brought the fire, and people began to swarm in.

Among those in attendance were County Trustee Regina Morrison Newman, Senator Jim Kyle, State Representatives Larry Miller and G. A. Hardaway, Democratic National Committeewoman Gale Jones Carson, and candidates for office such as Norma Lester and Reginald Milton (both County Commission Dist. 2, position 3), Danny W. Kail (Probate Court Clerk), Coleman Thompson and Carlton Orange (both for County Register) and lots of well-wishers and supporters.

To learn about and to be a part of the campaign to elect Deidre Malone County Mayor, please go here!

UPDATE: Jackson Baker covers this in more depth here and provides a video: