Saturday, February 06, 2010

Today, I threw away the chili

No, this is not the beginning of a really bad country song, this leads to what our beloved Newscoma calls an annoying autobiographical pause.

Today, it's been a month since Lauren died, and I am cleaning out the refrigerator because there were things that I couldn't get rid of that were starting to smell.

And then I got to the chili. It was the last thing she ever made for us, about three days before she went to the hospital. Today, there was mold on it, and I knew I had to do it, and I did. it seems really silly, but it was always wonderful chili, as those of you who have had it know very well. I couldn't eat it, but I couldn't let go of it, but today I did.

I am okay, surprisingly well, all things considered, and that is because of all 0f you. You who have been there for all of us ever since this happened, who sat with us in ICU and called or texted when you couldn't, who came to the wake and the funeral and who have checked on us constantly. You, who are the best friends any human could ever expect to have.

Because of all of you, I am here, and will be for the foreseeable future. Somewhere, Lauren is laughing and saying, "SEE! I TOLD you!" And she did, nearly every day.

The cats are a big part of this as well, giving me attention as well as demanding it, and it is always appreciated, they ground me very well, thank you.

So, I am going to get through this, with my faith and my family and friends, which includes you if you are a reader.

Enough of this, I want to tell you to watch this space on Monday morning, I have something wonderful to tell you about. It is a new project about which I am very excited and have been working on with two wise old hands. Be here at 8 AM Monday for the news!

No, LWC is not going away, this is in addition to the blog and I hope that you will love it. More good news, I hope, will come later this week, with the word of the return of a great blog which has lain dormant for a year or so, and we hope returns with a flourish, because we have missed it greatly.

All right, go enjoy your weekend and GO SAINTS!!!!!!!


captainkona said...

Can't wait, man.

Saints by 7 in a 60+ point game.

Blinders Off said...

Saints all the way!