Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soon, there will be none

Patrick Kennedy, the last member of his illustrious family to serve in Congress, announces his retirement at the ripe old age of 42. Now that we need them more than ever, there will be none left. Maybe we are doomed as a republic. Here's his announcement:


callmeishmael said...

Almost looks like his Dad.

captainkona said...

I know what losing your dad feels like. There's an uncertainty that sets in because the rock you always sought advice from is gone.
Now you have to be the rock. It isn't always that easy.

I understand but I hope he changes his mind or runs again in the future. I think he makes the 16th Democrat to turn from office. The Republicans have 17 at my last count.
Running pretty tight.

The Teabaggers will cost the Republicans some seats and prospective seats. That's a good thing. Dems continue to dramatically out raise Republicans for the mid terms.
Should be interesting.