Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All Righty Then! US District Judge Issues Injunction on Consolidation Vote

Hat tip to Steve Ross for this, here's a part of the CA story:

A U.S. District Judge has signed an injunction delaying the certification of the Nov. 2 consolidation vote until he rules on whether the state system for requiring majorities inside the city and outside the city to approve a metro government is legal.

Judge Thomas Anderson signed the injunction, which was agreed to by the plaintiffs and defendants, this morning.

The ruling means that voting will proceed as normal, but the results of the election would not be certified until Anderson rules on the case, which claims the state system is unconstitutional because it violates the one-man, one-vote principle. Early voting for the referendum began last week.
 Holy moly.  If the judge rules in favor of the plaintiffs, this kicks the consolidation vote up a notch.

All right, Democratic voters, NOW are you ready to get out and VOTE?  DO IT TODAY.

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