Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pro-Consolidation News

First, your humble Cracker is going up against our buddy Tom Guleff on the post-World Series game FOX 13 news tonight speaking in FAVOR of consolidation. UPDATE: our segment will be shown on the Saturday night news, we found out when we got there.

Next, an event will be held this weekend talking about the Charter, from our friend Bonny Kinney of Rebuild Government:

Commissioners Reunite for Final Push to the Polls

Memphis, TNCommissioners who helped draft the new charter on the ballot November 2nd will meet together this weekend to talk to the community about the importance of a new, more efficient government structure.  It will be the last time they meet before Election Day on Tuesday.

Date:   Saturday, October 30, 2010
Time:   11 a.m.
Place:  Bloomfield Full Gospel Baptist Church
             123 S. Parkway West
             Memphis, TN  38109

Bloomfield is the home church of Reverend Ralph White, who also served on the Charter Commission.   Other civic leaders, including Dr. Maxine Smith, are also scheduled to attend.

Rebuild Government is made up of concerned citizens who organized in 2009.  The purpose of Rebuild Government is to create public awareness and foster a county-wide conversation about the need for a new government.  You can learn more about Rebuild Government at


Tom Guleff said...

Folks, Steve Steffens is a bully. He threatened me, he stole my wallet, slashed my tires, and smashed out the passenger side window of my car. And that was before we even got inside the studio.

MPD broke up the fight minutes after we started taping. I've cooled off a little since then, spending most of the night at 201.

TV Star, this thing is not over !!!!

Steve Steffens said...

Oh, and you're not going to mention that you hit me over the head with a folding chair, after jumping off the top rope??

See If I don't bring chains with me next time!