Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If You're Pro-Choice and You Have Thought Of Voting for Haslam, THINK AGAIN

From my friends at Planned Parenthood:

Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam is quoted in today's Commercial Appeal as saying that he is "opposed to spending state dollars on contraception and routing any state funds through Planned Parenthood."

Below is a link to the Commercial Appeal article:
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 Need I say more?  THIS is yet another reason I am voting for McWherter, he has made no such claim (and better not, either).

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Vvixen said...

McWherter has told me in person and also said on the record more than once that rather than trying to "defund" Planned Parenthood, he would like to see the State Department of Health continue to contract with Planned Parenthood in Memphis and Nashville to provide vital family planning services to women with incomes below the poverty line.

"Defunding" Planned Parenthood is short-sighted because as a non-profit, Planned Parenthood is able to combine federal Title X family planning funding (passed through the state) with funds raised through local fund-raising efforts to serve many more patients than the local health department can. By law, NONE of the Title X funding can be used to provide abortion, but rather provides annual gynecological exams and birth control for women who have low incomes or don't have health insurance.

Fortunately, Mike McWherter knows how important those services are to women in Tennessee. That's why I will vote for him for Governor, and I hope all other Democrats and progressives will vote for him too!