Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm just about there myself...

This comes from a post at MyDD written by Jerome Armstrong, who co-wrote CRASHING THE GATES with Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos.  It's come to the point that the Democratic Party has left ME, and maybe it's just time to move on.

Part of this comes from realizing that, outside of Shelby County and parts of Davidson County, no one has the faintest clue what the Democratic Party IS, or was SUPPOSED TO BE.  Read that clip from Rep. Henry Fincher:

"I'm not advertising or trumpeting the fact that I'm a Democrat. It's a bad year to be a Democrat. The brand has been damaged by the left wing of the party. They have really screwed up things for guys like me."
Why even bother with the Democratic Party when you have morons like that?  There are people IN the party worth supporting who actually FIGHT for Democratic principles, like Cohen, Kernell, Beverly Marrero, and Jeannie Richardson.  They, however, are a minority in a state party that is determined to just be barely to the left of fools and racists.

Let the monsoon come, let's protect our own and then worry about building a MOVEMENT.  The Democratic Party is no longer it, folks. Obama blew the biggest chance we ever had by not being a strong enough leader to fight for people and not strong-arming Congressmen and Senators IN HIS OWN PARTY to stand up for people.  He hired the Wall Street crowd to run the economy, the very same people who ran the economy into the ground.

And he wonders why his base is not turning out?  When you are fighting Republicans, you have to FIGHT them.  Kick them in the balls and then stomp on their heads when they are down, because that's all they understand.  Instead, he wants to reach out to them.  What happens when you shake hands with a werewolf?

Well, I've voted, and I'll show up at Cohen's event on Tuesday night to congratulate him on his victory.  After that, though, I'm done, i'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this blog yet.  Stay tuned.


Chris Davis said...


Kris Murphy said...

Could you please explain why you have the sole claim to what it means to be a Democrat?

Hank Fincher has led many fights to protect the rights of consumers, the elderly and other groups. Is he right all the time? Nope, but guess what, most Tennesseans are moderates and while it is crucial to have the Mike Stewarts and Jeanne Richardsons it is also important to support good candidates whose views align with the great majority of Tennesseans who are neither progressive nor particularly conservative.

But if you want to go home and cry because those who represent rural districts don't vote the same as those from Memphis and Nashville, then good riddence, we won't miss you.

If you want to burn Democratic moderates for not being pure enough, then you are as bad the tea baggers on the right.

Steve Steffens said...

then why in the hell doesn't he RUN on that instead of punching hippies?. Let me tell you something, I have been working for Democratic candidates since 1978, not all of them as liberal as me, but youy know what, Kris, none of THEM attacked liberals, why does Fincher have to?

I have admired some of the things that Fincher said in the past, but I am NOT putting up with this bullshit any more.

Democrats CANNOT WIN when they run on culture-based issues, so no more of this ONE OF US bullshit. I'm not having it.

Michael said...

Kris, your logic escapes me. A centrist party ("neither progressive nor conservative") isn't a party. It's a koffee klutch for people who don't like to make choices.

autoegocrat said...

The real problem with Rep. Fincher's statement is that it is incorrect. "The left wing of the party" have not had their way since I was in diapers, if even in my lifetime at all.

Talk radio and Fox News have damaged the brand of the Democratic Party, and so-called Democrats like Fincher are bending over and taking it. This isn't about leftys versus centrists, this is about sticking up for your own team.

If you really support Fincher's remarks Kris, would you or someone else kindly explain to me what exactly the "left wing of the party" has done to damage the Democratic brand?