Tuesday, August 05, 2014

OK, can we all take a long breath now and get ready for Election Day?

I am not going to make any numerical predictions, but I am holding to my suggestion of the other day that Steve Cohen is in good shape for renomination on Thursday, which is tantamount to re-election.

While anything is POSSIBLE, not just anything is PROBABLE.  This morning, I received the not-so-shocking news that Congresswoman and Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was endorsing Cohen for re-election and issuing a cease-and-desist order against soon-to-be-ousted SCDP Committeeman and noted ballot and sign entrepreneur M. LaTroy Williams.  (Note: how in the hell did he get elected in the first place???) Why am I saying he will be ousted?  Because, as a fellow ExecCom member, I plan to move to oust him from the ExecCom if he doesn't have the decency to resign his seat after the election.

While our Congressman took pains to avoid the suggestion that Ricky Wilkins had anything to do with the Williams fiasco, Wilkins has to wonder what has hit him in the last week.  After running a very solid campaign, the combination of the AFSCME Local 1733 endorsement brouhaha and the Williams situation, Wilkins has to hope that he gets enough vote on Thursday to warrant another run in two years.

One also has to wonder what the average voter in the 9th District thinks about all of this craziness.  Will they pay attention to it or just laugh and keep moving and voting as they would have in any event?

Now, on to the County Mayor's race, where the Early Voting numbers showed a stronger-than-expected Democratic push for the last three days suggests potential good news for Deidre Malone.  She received additional good news when Commissioner Steve Mulroy, one of her primary opponents, recorded a commercial on her behalf, which we showed you yesterday.  Given the acrimony in that race, we are very appreciative of Commissioner Mulroy for stepping up to the plate at this crucial time; kudos to him.

Finally, if you are going to vote in the Democratic Primary for Senate 29, I IMPLORE you to vote for Lee Harris.  Senator Ophelia Ford is an embarrassment to our Party and our County and hurts the Ford name and reputation for public service.  All you need to know is that one of Senator Ford's biggest supporters is right-wing GOP County Commissioner Terry Roland, who is helping her so that she can return and do whatever the GOP Senators want her to do.  It is time for a change in Senate 29; please take the steps necessary to make that change.

Stay tuned!

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