Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Um, does the Wilkins campaign know what district in which they are running?

So, I saw that the Tri-State Defender was endorsing Ricky Wilkins, which is about as shocking as an eastern sunrise, and they had a link to his newest ad, which I have here:


This is a well-produced advertisement, and up until the last few seconds, finds nothing with which I disagree on principle. If this ad, and Mr. Wilkins, were running in ANY other Congressional District in Tennessee, I would be standing and applauding. However, to suggest that the most progressive, nay, LIBERAL Congressman this state has seen in decades is weak against the Tea Party is ludicrous to the point of hilarity. Steve Cohen, not liberal and afraid of Tea Partiers?


 (/stops, regains breath and composure)

 Ok, if Mr. Wilkins wants to imply that he will continue the solid liberal tradition of TN-09, which has been going since 1975, Junior excluded, I get that. That is to be applauded. But to suggest STEVE FREAKING COHEN is afraid of the Tea Party and won't fight for our values???   Wait, I, wait...


(/looks for oxygen, sits down to calm down and breathe)

 You have to stop doing that, Mr. Wilkins, I'm not sure if I can hyperventilate like that too many more times.

 Seriously, other than the union fiasco in which I blame Janice Chalmers more than I blame you, you've done a nice job this campaign and it will be interesting to see how the 9th District responds to you. If this were an open seat or someone representing the district other than Steve Cohen, I LIKE the ad, it comes off nicely.

 As long as no one realizes what district you're in, that is.  Carry on.

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Michael said...

Steve Cohen is a perfect fit for the white liberals in his district. But he still needs the non-white vote to win. I wonder if the blacks are as "liberal" as you think (or in the way you think).

To put it another way: Us white liberals wish the House had 218 Reps like Steve Cohen. That would change all of our lives as a NATION in a very big way. But I'm not at all sure that non-whites are as interested in national issues as we are. I suspect that local issues are more of a direct, personal concern to them.

And that's what may give Steve some problems this primary. Blacks don't sense that he has much concern about local issues. They think he's much too busy fighting national battles, and not giving enough attention to down-to-earth problems that affect Memphians' daily lives.

The union fiasco is something of a metaphor for this problem. Apparently Steve didn't go to the local union for their endorsement. He went to the national office in DC, figuring they trumped the local office's views. And then, when he got wind that the local union thought differently, what did he do? He went to the national union and reminded them to get their local back in line. Some might term that "bullying." At the very least it comes across as arrogance. That, on top of the pandering and condescension in some of his commercials, doesn't serve him well with black voters.

Steve can't win on just the white liberal vote. He needs black voters too. Maybe he shouldn't take them for granted.

We shall see.