Monday, September 14, 2015

Commissioner Jones, we are watching.

There will be two Republicans seeking the office of Chair of the Shelby County Commission this afternoon, when it should already have been settled weeks ago.

It was supposed to have been Steve Basar, a moderate Republican (a rarety these days) who has aligned more with the Democrats since Justin Ford became Chair last year, versus Terry Roland of Millington, who isn't moderate about ANYTHING.

The initial vote went to Basar, and things appeared to be settled.  However, later that day, after Roland had taken Commissioner Eddie Jones into another room for "discussion", then Jones, who had voted on the prevailing side, used that parliamentary position to move for reconsideration of that vote, which than passed, reversing the Chair vote.

Terry Roland may well represent the views of his Commission District (which doesn't speak well of it, frankly) but he sure as hell doesn't represent the views of the majority of this County.  In short, Commissioner Jones, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Today, while newly elected Vice Chair Van Turner presides,  the vote will be held again.  Commissioner Jones, we will be watching you to see if you vote for your district by supporting Steve Basar, or for personal reason and Terry Roland.

You will notice, Commissioner Jones, that there will be a crowd full of people wearing blue shirts to remind you how you should vote in the interests of your district and the Party under whose banner you were elected.  We will all be paying attention to you and your decision.

And we will remember it.

UPDATE 3:28 PM: Commissioner Jones nominated Roland, who won on the second ballot, 7 votes to 6 and was joined by that other "Democrat", Justin Ford.  

Do we have recall for County Commissioners?

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