Monday, September 21, 2015

Strickland for Mayor-Concerns I have

I have serious and severe issues with the Jim Strickland 2015 campaign and his focus on youth crime. I think its reactionary. I think it plays to a group of voters who know nothing about youth outreach and how to improve the plight of back youth. I almost decided to vote for Mike Williams as a result. HOWEVER, Mayor A C Wharton has done little for the last 6 years he has held the Memphis Mayorship and little in the 7 years before that holding the Shelby County job to combat these either. He has continued the failing policies in all areas of Wharton. The same cronies are still there (Jack Sammons and the former CAO still being on the payroll). Jim at least would be open to changing his policies and his mind if and when they prove to not be working and would lead us in a new direction. Memphis deserves better than continuing the status quo. That is why I am not voting for Jim Strickland, that is why I VOTED for Jim Strickland.


Troy W. said...

I am certainly not a fan of Jim Strickland's platform. Like you said, it is reactionary--and if elected, he will almost certainly continue the trend of regressive policies and prioritizing the needs of financially-well off Memphians above those of others. I haven't ever been impressed with him or his work, and I continue not to be.

Steve Steffens said...

Well, I get that, but like Jon noted, Jim Strickland is willing to have a dialogue and as I noted in my endorsement, he will tell you what he believes and won't tell you what you WANT to hear and placating you. That is the main reason I am not voting for the incumbent's re-election.

Collins says good things; I am just skeptical of his ability to execute them if he were to be elected.

Clark McMillan said...

It seems our candidates steer clear of any discussion concerning corruption or out right abuse of authority that victimizes a citizen. In 1978 I an attempt was made upon my life by a policeman. Rather than this officer apprehending me(hand-cuffing, ect.) he ordered me on my knees. I was beatened on my head, shot in my side, the had the dog put on me tearing my undershots to shreads, after my pants were pulled down. After being acquitted of any wrong doing by a jury I was thereafer in 1979 framed.(see:Proof of Innocence---Discovery Times). After 22 years of wrongful imprisonment, at least the mayor then(Herenton, and others could care to see to it that I am adequately treated for post traumatic stress first of all so as not to play down the damage done to me from such a lengthy period of imprisonment with the policeman's bullet still lodged near my spine, and take the necessary action to remove the stigma off me from being imprisoned by official errors I am still not compensated for. The United States Constitution affords "equal protection of the laws", which does not mean that authority figures should be allowed to use political and official authority to retaliate against me and subject me to double jeopardy. I have not been provided a meeting with any of the mayors, to prove the hypocracy of things and how it's still a lot of talk to play down the fact that my life matters. Clark McMillan(901)264-4566.