Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hey Nashville, get off your arse and go vote

Today is the runoff in Nashville/Davidson County.  No, I don't live there but I have lots of friends who do.

I ask that if you are there and have not yet done so, please vote for Megan Barry for Mayor, she will do a great job and won't turn the city over to hedge-funders like George Fox, brother of her opponent David Fox.

Also, if you live in Metro Council District 17, you should vote for Colby Sledge, a good guy who will represent you well on the Council.

NOW GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Already early-voted for Barry.

Not in 17 but Sledge led the fight to give the Fairgrounds to corporate cronies.

And I'm not a robot, android or cyborg so I can post. :)

Steve Steffens said...