Friday, December 08, 2006

The County Commission will be appointing someone to the District 30 Senate seat

and that someone needs to be a party NOT interested in running for the seat full-time. My understanding is that names under consideration include Kevin Gallagher, as well as Robert Spence, friend of the Mayor and a former City Attorney.

Let's consider, from a strictly partisan standpoint, that if someone is appointed who plans to run in the special election (filing deadline December 14 at noon), then they will be unable to raise money while sitting in the Senate seat once session starts the second week of January.

This will hinder anyone who wants to hold the seat beyond that special election. It would be far better for the constituents of the District if a placeholder was appointed who had NO interest in running in the special election, so that they could focus strictly on the interests of the district for the month or so that they would serve.

The winner of the special election will have to run again in 2008, when the term ends.


SgtLarry said...

I disagree.

Marerro already has a campaign chest and name recognition. If she were to take the seat now, then we could hold the special election for her seat at the same time and save some money.

Otherwise, if she decides to wait until the special election, then there will need to be a second special election to replace her.

Desi Franklin said...


I agree with you. Others I have heard mentioned as possibilities for the appointment are Calvin Anderson, Shea Flynn and Cardell Orrin.

I am supporting Cardell; although Calvin would hit the ground running effective from day 1, I can't help but think his position with Blue Cross Blue Shield, not to mention his job demands, might make it difficult for him to serve, even briefly.

I don't know Shea Flynn but others who do recommend him. Unfortunately, his father is a sitting County Commissioner, and given the current climate of corruption and patronage, I think it would be highly preferable not to have the smell of nepotism on this appointment.

Which brings me to Cardell, a young, really smart, well informed and politically active community leader (co-founder of New Path, MBJ Top 40 Under 40, Leadership Memphis, Leadership Academy fellow) who would definitely make us proud.

I am actively lobbying commissioners to support Cardell and would suggest that others do the same. If anyone wants information on Cardell's qualifications and stated reasons for running, email LWC and he can forward the email to me.

dk2 said...

Is there noone who has no ties to big business like BCBS and who does not have ties to family and other interest that they will think of the people rather then what they can get out of the postition or what their friends, family and coporations they are assoc. with will get out of the position.

Some new and fresh faces are what is needed in TN all across the state.

Desi Franklin said...

This is only a very temporary position - 2 months at most. Someone who has an executive level career position and a family to support obviously has to take into consideration whether a 2 month community service gig would be a problem for them in their job long term.

Having someone like that offer to serve is exponentially better than having all these people who don't have day jobs and therefore are "consultants" with all the vulnerabilities that brings.

As for the family ties, I agree that it is better for there not to be any appearance of inappropriate favoritism.

Both Shea and Calvin would be high quality people if appointed and we should thank them for offering themselves up for service to the community.

LeftWingCracker said...

Well, Shea's views are quite a bit to the left of his father, and he would be a solid choice to hold the seat until Gallagher gets there.

Oops, well, I guess I let my bias show there...

Anonymous said...

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