Tuesday, December 26, 2006

OK, then.

Kevin Gallagher, as has been reported by Desi Franklin at WTL, has withdrawn as a candidate for the special election to fill the vacated seat of Congressman Steve Cohen in State Senate District 30. Early voting begins in the Democratic Primary on January 5, with Election Day for the Primary set for January 25.

I expressed my concerns early on about Beverly's campaigning, but with Kevin out, I will get behind her and support her. This is a situation that requires our attention, because Robert Spence's problems would kill our chances to keep this seat in Democratic hands. Freedonian has already documented that after just a few minutes on Google; what do you think the Goopers could dig up?

So, those of you of the liberal persuasion in Shelby County need to rally behind Beverly Marrero to ensure that we continue to have optimal representation in District 30. I know Kevin Gallagher will, and if you, like me, were supporting his candidacy, you need to get behind Beverly now.

Then, we will work on House 89!