Sunday, December 03, 2006


So it WON'T be USC playing Ohio State in the BCS championship game.

And, sorry, Gator fans, as deserving as you are of the SEC championship by beating my Hogs, 38-28, tonight, here's the deal: You lost to Auburn, who got whooped at HOME by the Hogs and who got lucky against LSU.

The only team who deserves to play Ohio State is the team that almost beat them IN THEIR HOUSE, and only lost by THREE POINTS AT OHIO STADIUM.

Yes, you know who I'm talking about: The Michigan Wolverines.

Gator fans, if you start crying that nobody wants a rematch, remember, no one did in 1996 either. However, you got another chance at Florida State and destroyed them, 52-20, giving the Old Ball Coach his only National title.

Michigan played a tougher non-conference schedule, opening up a can of whoop-ass at Notre Dame, making Touchdown Jesus cry. The Gators had trouble beating a 6-6 FSU team that limped to the finish line and bowl eligibility, and their other non-conference games were made up of Sun Belt opponents and other cannon fodder.

Ahem, you say, we won THE FREAKING SEC, GOD'S OWN CONFERENCE. Well, you were in a weak Eastern Division (for heaven's sake, if the Kentucky QB had just thrown to the right receiver at Knoxville last Saturday, UK would have finished SECOND in the East!). Again, you LOST at Auburn to an overrated Tiger team, and you have Arkansas' number, we can't beat you to save ourselves.

The only argument you have is REGGIE NELSON, a god among safeties; sadly, that's just not enough.

Sorry, folks, if there is justice in our land, the Wolverines go to Glendale and you Gator fans will be back on Bourbon Street where you belong, because they need a good party in New Orleans these days.


pissedoffdemocrat said...

All I have to say is MCFADDEN FOR HEISMAN.

Richmond said...

The SEC may not be the Divinely-sanctioned Conference (too little respect for academics at schools not named Vanderbilt), but the BCS folks made the right choice with Florida. Michigan had its chance and lost. If they had beatn Buckeye U, I would say the same about Florida playing Michigan in Glendale. Rematches--like Florida and Florida State in addition to--as you remember--OU and Nebraska in the 1978 Orange Bowl (following the Ice Bowl in Lincoln in 1977)--don't go over well. The BCS got it right and until we have a playoff, we have to settle for these "what if" games.

LeftWingCracker said...

POD, I would love it, but I suspect it will belong to Troy Smith of tOSU.

Richmond, what you have forgotten is that Florida's ONLY national championship, in the VERY FIRST YEAR of Roy Kramer's Frankenstein Monster known as the BCS, created a rematch of Florida-FSU.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and it should be tOSU and Michigan.

pissedoffdemocrat said...

Michigan should play OSU. OSU fans are just as bad as many other big name schools i.e. ( Tennessee, FLorida, Kentucky(** basketball), well you get my point. Anyway I think Michigan should play in the championship game, if for no other reason than to win it for Bo.

Anonymous said...

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